‘Ready to fight again’: Penuel vows to get access to kids.


‘Ready to fight again’: Penuel vows to get access to kids.

Podcaster Penuel Mlotshwa – who has 7 children with 5 baby mamas – has vowed to go to court to have access to his kids…

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Penuel Mlotshwa has vowed to legally fight to see one of his children, whom he claims his baby mama has “denied him access” to.

The outspoken podcaster –  has seven children with five different women –  and has spoken about being a “present” father.


Last year, the YouTuber made headlines after one of his baby mamas accused him of being physically abusive, cheating, and making “misogynistic” comments to his underage children.


On Sunday, 12 May, Penuel Mlotshwa was among many men who posted Mother’s Day messages to their baby mamas.

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Tweeting pics of all his kids, he shared: “A Happy Mothers’ Day to the five mothers of my seven beautiful children.

“On behalf of the kiddos, I sent a lil’ something to celebrate the day.”

He added: “To aboMama baNkunzi, Zulu, Afrika, Shaka, Nkanyezi, Nyanga & uMoya… thank you for being incredible mothers to these amazing children”.

“All of them are doing a great job with the children, even where we have disagreements.”

Penuel later deleted the tweet. He also posted an Instagram Story, now seemingly voicing his disapproval of two of his baby mamas.

It read: “I’m ready to pick up the fight again for access to my son, uZulu… as well as ensure that Shaka and Kulxa can visit me comfortably during school holidays.

He continued: “Gonna be going up and down to courts for the benefit of my children. Please wish me luck.

“I’d prefer if our families could sit and resolve these things without courts. Sadly, some mothers make life unnecessarily difficult and expensive”.

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According to Sunday World, Penuel was taken to court last year by one of his baby mamas, who sought permission to take their two children abroad.

The woman – who remained anonymous to protect her children’s identities – accused the outspoken personality of being physically abusive during their relationship. She also claimed he cheated on her, impregnated three other women, and shared his “misogynistic” views with their underage children.


In an Instagram post earlier this month, Penuel claimed that Zulu’s mother had prohibited him from visiting his son.

He shared: “I may not see you because your mom denies me access… but I constantly love you. I’ll keep providing where I can. I hope you’re developing nicely, and I hope you’ll grow up soon so we can reunite”.

When one follower asked him if he had gone to Children’s Court, Penuel responded: “Done that over four years in three different jurisdictions. With no luck”.

He added that he had “exhausted” all the resources available to him “and failed.”

He added that the situation between him and his baby mama had become hostile.

“The cops have twice refused to arrest her, even with two court orders”.

“I’d just like my side to be told and for my son to know why I’m not with him.”



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