Rebecca k!lled Khaya by poisoning, and she will find out Khaya is her biological son, not Solomzi.


Rebecca k!lled Khaya by poisoning, and she will find out Khaya is her biological son, not Solomzi.

One of those TV drama series that always delivers meaty and captivating plots is Isitha:The Enemy on E.TV.

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We recently learned that Solomon, Mam’ Nomsa’s baby daddy, is actually alive, even though we had long known that he is deceased. Rebecca ‘Ma’ Rebs’ Mabuza, his former secret girlfriend, had been holding him captive the entire while. She hasn’t disclosed what precisely he wants done to him because she is too busy tutoring him.

The fact that Nomsa is currently preoccupied with her posthumous marriage to a guy she believes to be dead but who is actually alive is excruciating. It was Solomzi’s idea to arrange for a posthumous marriage, and some of the show’s fans are now wondering if Solomzi and Rebecca are involved.


Rebecca even gave Nolitha the command to poison the drink that the Sokhulu bridal family drinks since she is determined to wipe out all Sokhulus. She desires them all deaths. Will her strategy work out as planned?

Teasers suggest that once his family is admitted to the hospital and Velaphi is left to face his destiny, a group of prayer warriors will assemble to comfort Mam’ Nomsa, their deceased mother. Since Solomzi will also be admitted to the hospital, he is unaware of Rebecca’s intentions.

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Actor Zamani Mbatha is reportedly leaving the show permanently after this season’s finale; he won’t return for season 2. As a result, he is the only member of the Sokhulu family who is unlikely to live. That’s how ‘Khaya,’ his character, will die.

Sources confirm that Solomzi is not Rebecca’s son. Solomzi and Khaya were swapped at the hospital after birth, which means Rebecca will kill her biological son. Solomzi is Mam’Nomsa’s biological son. This explains why she prefers him over Khaya.

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