‘Reject’: Shimza trolls Mmusi Maimane over poor BOSA poll results


‘Reject’: Shimza trolls Mmusi Maimane over poor BOSA poll results

DJ Shimza and BOSA leader Mmusi Maimane have gone head to head in a shady X exchange. Here’s what they tweeted…



DJ Shimza – real name Ashley Raphala – has given Build One South Africa (BOSA) leader Mmusi Maimane a taste of his own medicine with several shady swipes on the X app.

This, after the outspoken politician accused him of being an “ANC beneficiary.”


To date, BOSA has secured just one seat in the National Assembly after a poor voter turnout.


On the eve of the elections, DJ Shimza pledged his allegiance to the ANC in a tweet.

The tweet soon became a source of much criticism, given the DJ’s personal and professional life.

BOSA leader Mmusi Maimane joined in and tweeted: “You are the biggest beneficiary. DJ Tintswalo wama tender. You have more tenders than hits”.

Shimza has long been accused of benefitting from his political connections through tenders awarded to his multiple businesses, which include a chain of restaurants, a trucking and logistics company, and the Kunye record label.


The 36-year-old is also a longtime boyfriend of Athi Geleba, the head of communication for President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Mmusi Maimane has long been a critic of the hitmaker, particularly on the X platform.

However, following BOSA’s low voter turnout, Shimza decided to return the favour.

On his X account, Shimza posted several memes poking fun at Mmusi

One insinuated that Mmusi’s family and friends had voted for Bosa.

He added: “His side of the family, the other voted VF Plus.”

Shimza was referring to Mmusi’s white wife, Natalie Maimane.


On X, the back-and-forth insults continued between Mmusi Maimane and DJ Shimza.

Responding to the DJ’s shade, Mmusi tweeted: “I am going to parliament, and I still have more bangers than you have hits, DJ Tintswalo.”

“No more tenders for you, just your chubby, tender face.

“Don’t test me again. I have shoes to polish for my swearing-in ceremony. I have schools and clinics to build.”

Shimza clapped back:

“No votes for you, just a useless society reject with in-laws that voted for VF Plus.”


Despite a low voter turnout, Mmusi Maimane thanked South Africans for the support of Bosa.

He tweeted: “One seat or one hundred seats. I will fight to fix the education system in this country”.

He added: “In the next five years, we must build one school and build one clinic to show South Africa the capacity and vision we have.”


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