RIP: Actress Thuso Mbedu loses her close friend


RIP: Actress Thuso Mbedu loses her close friend

Well-known South African actress, Thuso Mbedu pens a lengthy note in tribute to her friend who passed away.

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The international actress shared photos and videos of her friend whom she had known since they were young and narrated how they met. Writing on her social media platform, Thuso wrote:


‘Lunga and I were always going to meet. It was purposed that we crash into each other eventually, it seems.

Hear me out:

I lived in Ulundi from ages 4-11. I went to a school called Mbhasobheni (before going to Melmoth). Lunga moved to Ulundi at around age 7 and went to Mbhasobheni- we JUST missed each other.

Age 11 I moved to PMB. I have no clue when Lunga moved to PMB but when we eventually met, we lived on the same street. When we met we were high schoolers playing wingmen for friends who were hot for each other

2010 we parted ways. I moved to JHB.

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We led such different lives, our story should’ve ended there.

Lunga made his way to JHB.
In talking later, we realized that Lunga lived in a building that I went to every Sunday because my church was located on the bottom floor. What a time that was

2014. He came to say hi only to find us struggling, trying to get my bedridden grandmother to the car so we could rush her to the hospital. He’s the only one of my friends who saw how bad it got with her before she passed on.

What I remember fondly from those years are the long walks we’d take or us chilling in his mom’s car: just talking and dreaming. He was one of the first few to believe that I could do it. I don’t know why. He just did.

Then I left for the U.S. Should’ve been the end of our story. But it wasn’t.

2020 I get a WhatsApp with a simple “I’m giving this WhatsApp thing a try. Keep in touch. Lunga T”. So random. So cool. So “neither here nor there”. So LUNGA.

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There he was, finding me again.

November 2023 our family suffered a tragedy. Lunga drove the long distance to make sure that I was ok. We didn’t get to spend a lot of time that day but we agreed that we would make up for it. We thought we had time.

If l’d known that that would be the last time l’d get to touch him physically, I would’ve held on a little longer. I would’ve poked at his face and told him that I loved him

I can’t believe that this is where our story ends.

I am blessed to have known him, honored to have called him “friend” and privileged to have loved him. What a gift it was to have been found by him over and over again.

Mad love forever, Lunga. See you later


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