Scandal! Nhlamulo and Bridget’s wedding sneak peek

Scandal! Nhlamulo and Bridget’s wedding sneak peek

Scandalious ones… switch off the talking heads on the news (if you still watch it) and warm up for a three day TV wedding from 14 to 16 February when NhlaVuvu stare into each other’s eyes for a lifetime of commitment. Fingers crossed.

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They’ve been complicated for years already and now they’re getting married after Nhlamulo’s convincing proposal involving a helicopter last month.

The special begins with their white wedding on Day 1, followed by their traditional Sepedi wedding and rituals on Days 2 and 3.

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Of course there’s going be to Scandal! involving a surprise guest and alarming news as hinted at in the latest teasers, but no wedding would be complete without a problematic soul on the invite list.And wedding pictures, which we have right here. Photos of their outfits and videos:

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This from Scandal! head writer Grace Mahlaba :

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“The two months of hard work distilled into three days worth of episodes, was worth it. It’s been a journey, from finding dancers, songs, and outfits for the entire cast.

“It is interesting to note that each and every garment, except for Vuvu’s white dress, was designed and produced in-house.

“Vuvu’s white dress was designed by the popular luxury couture brand designer Orapeleng Modutle.”



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