Sello Maake-Ka Ncube returns to Skeem Saam.


Sello Maake-Ka Ncube returns to Skeem Saam.

After escaping punishment for scamming Jacobeth Thobakgale in his Skeem Saam role of Ntate Kganyago, the gifted actor Sello Maake KaNcube has returned to the show again.He has completed everything. On Generations, he played the beloved character Archie Moroka. A few years later, on The Queen, he showcased his flexibility as the charming gay Kgosi.

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Actor Sello Maake ka Ncube has effortlessly won over audiences with his versatile performances, seamlessly embodying both antagonistic and amicable characters.Get ready to witness the triumphant return of the renowned actor as he once again brings his unparalleled talent to the streets of Turfloop in Skeem Saam. After a well-deserved break, Ntate Kganyago is back and ready to captivate audiences with his mesmerising performance.

Entertainment aficionado @TvblogbyMLU reports that Sello Maake-Ka Ncube is poised to make a triumphant comeback to Skeem Saam, ready to cause a bit of mischief once more. After successfully scamming Jacobeth and the runway, it seems like karma might finally catch up with him, and he could find himself facing the consequences of his actions.


Sello, the seasoned actor, reveals to Drum that he still feels a rush of excitement whenever he lands a new role.n light of industry veterans dying poor or struggling financially because of a lack of gigs, Sello attributes his longevity and staying power to love.

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“Every character is different on each show. You are venturing into exploring different circumstances of a different persona that you take on. It is a depiction a different human condition from the one you played in the previous show and that is always exciting. And I am happy to be still getting work .I once read a book that had a line that said ‘work is love made visible’ and I am grateful to be able to do what I love. It is clear to me that everything that is happening in my career is a manifestation of that love. I got into acting when I was 16, and now I’m 63, so I am grateful for it all.” he says

Sello Maake KaNcube and Elizabeth Serunye portrayed the characters Ntate Kganyago and Jacobeth Thobakgale, respectively, in the popular TV show Skeem Saam. Their on-screen chemistry as lovers was truly captivating.Maake KaNcube made his grand entrance into the soapie in 2022, playing the role of a cunning character who couldn’t resist the allure of taking money from his unsuspecting lover, Jacobeth Thobakgale.

Imagine the audacity of Ntate Kganyago! The sly fox managed to pilfer a whopping R500,000 from the bank account of none other than the esteemed former school principal, Jacobeth Thobakgale. And to add insult to injury, he disappeared into thin air, leaving her in utter disbelief.Kganyago managed to persuade Jacobeth to invest a substantial amount of money into a fraudulent scheme, all while simultaneously proposing marriage to her. In a surprising twist, he managed to persuade her to abandon his own daughter, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seakamela-Maputla (played by Amanda Manku).

After discovering she had been scammed, Jacobeth offered her apologies to her daughter, who had been kidnapped and drugged by Luc, the accomplice of her lover.In the soapie, Ntate Kganyago continues to elude capture, while Jacobeth is still facing the consequences of his daring heist from almost two years ago.In the TVSA May teasers, prepare to witness Detective Rathebe, played by the talented Gontshe Ntshegang, as he finally cracks the case of Kganyago.


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