‘Shaka ILembe’s’ Mondli Makhoba to host a show for men to be vulnerable and talk.


‘Shaka ILembe’s’ Mondli Makhoba to host a show for men to be vulnerable and talk.

‘This show is like being part of a journey to empower men’: Mondli Makhoba to host a show called ‘Vuka Mjita’.

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Former The Wife star Mondli Makhoba has bagged a new TV show. From 14 July, Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) will be introducing Vuka Mjita, a show where men will unashamedly, honestly, and vulnerably express their feelings.


The show hosted by Makhoba, who also has a role on Shaka Ilembe and is known as Bhut’Omdala, is all about taking men on a therapeutic journey that breaks their walls and helps them unlock the doors to the side of healing. This is with the hope that the process will assist them reflect on the men they are becoming and what role they are playing in their families and in society.


“This show is like being part of a journey to ‘empower‘ men and we are looking at it as giving a platform to help understand, nurturing and try to heal the mental state of our brothers and sons where it’s needed,” says Director of Local Entertainment Channels Shirley Adonisi.

“Our Mzansi brand is all about entertainment that resonates with our audience, and we hope that Vuka Mjita will be more than just that but will also be a show where men can be vulnerable and talk openly and honestly.”

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Thanks to the therapy plan which was designed by Clinical Psychologist & Author, Thabang Tlaka, each week a therapist will sit with a different gentleman who needs a remedy or therapy to deal and change a predicament they are faced with. As an expert in the field, the process he takes them through helps each candidate to break down the walls, speak up, confront their fears.

As uBhut’Omdala says: ”Kuwumsebenzi wethu to find out why we exist, for there is a bigger purpose.”

Tune in to Mzansi Wethu DStv Channel 163 from Sunday 14 July at 20:00 to see how men in our modern-day society try to find their purpose for existence through emotional healing.


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