Shalate Sekhabi says House of Zwide changed her life.


Shalate Sekhabi says House of Zwide changed her life.

Shalate Sekhabi, the talented actress and singer, humorously remarked that her life has undergone quite the transformation. She is convinced that her life took a dramatic turn after starring in House of Zwide.

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In 2020, the talented 23-year-old from Mahikeng, North West, graced our screens with her TV debut on 1Magic’s Telenovela The River. She effortlessly transitioned into the role of Shoki in the popular e.tv soap opera House of Zwide.According to the Daily Sun, she mentioned that being on the show has provided her with new opportunities.The actress said the show has taught her a lot of things.

“It's made a huge impact on my life. The fact that the show is so popular has put my name and face out there.It has taught me the importance of my brand. It taught me to take myself seriously, be confident and trust my skills,” Shalate said. 


Throughout the years, Shalate has had the pleasure of mingling with the most influential figures in the industry.Working with a diverse range of individuals has sparked her desire to also contribute behind the scenes. Shalate mentioned that she’s quite the multitasker, balancing her passion for music and acting.

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“It’s been an amazing opportunity to work with different people in the filmmaking field, including producers, wardrobe personnel, lighting and all those who contribute to making the show.“I’m settling in and have my footing right. It’s exciting because I’m doing something I always wanted to pursue,” she said

The actress is not only incredibly talented on screen, but she also has a knack for music. In the past, she has released numerous songs and even treated her fans to a few music videos. In a conversation with the Daily Sun, Shalate hinted at an upcoming surprise.

“The album will be more of an introspection - a relationship with myself and not just love,” she said.

House of Zwide’s Wanda Zuma and Shalate Sekhabi are dating in real life

City Press reports that Wanda Zuma and Shalate Sekhabi, who play an on-screen married couple on etv’s House of Zwide, seem to have taken their romance beyond the camera.According to insiders, the actors who portray Nkosi and Shoki Zwide have developed an undeniable bond off-screen due to their remarkable on-screen chemistry.

“Everyone at House of Zwide knows that Wanda and Shalate are dating, even though they try to be discreet about it. They are cute, and I don’t see anything wrong with it because they are just having fun without harming anyone,” said a source.

An insider revealed that the couple is indeed dating, noting their youthful affection and undeniable chemistry.


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