Shebeshxt survives accident that claimed life of his daughter.


Shebeshxt survives accident that claimed life of his daughter.

Renowned musician Shebeshxt tragically lost his daughter in a devastating car accident on the R37 road near Smelters Mine in Limpopo over the weekend.Videos of the accident scene have been making the rounds on social media, as fans express their support for the Twerka hitmaker, also known as Lehlogonolo Chauke.



According to Chuene, the accident occurred just after 10pm. “A charcoal Volkswagen Polo collided with a heavy motor vehicle,” said Chuene.Shebeshxt was treated for serious injuries on the scene before being transported to the hospital, Sunday World revealed.

Chuene carefully mentioned that the police are diligently investigating the cause of the crash.Videos circulating on social media show the girl’s body lying next to the damaged Volkswagen Polo, covered up.


In yet another video, the musician finds himself sprawled on the ground as medical professionals tend to his injuries besides the stretcher.Shebeshxt, sporting a vibrant pair of red trousers, finds himself in quite a predicament as he lies there, his right foot and head carefully wrapped in bandages. He can also be heard playfully complaining and begging a friend to pass him water.

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This is the second serious car accident that Shebeshxt has been involved in this year.In January, Shebeshxt, real name Lehlogonolo Chauke, was lucky to escape unscathed in an accident that left his new Golf GTI written off.

In videos shared on social media at the time, the Monateng hitmaker can be seen removing his belongings from the wrecked vehicle, which appeared to be damaged from the front with an engine that looked damaged beyond repair.

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Shebeshxt hilariously recounted the events that took place during a Facebook Live session. As the musician tells it, amidst the chaos of traffic, a devoted fan boldly manoeuvred past other vehicles in a valiant attempt to capture a selfie with him.“He just overtook other cars and stopped right in front of my car. I crashed into his car. What was I supposed to do — fly over his car? Now I am the one that is at fault,” he said in a live video on his Facebook page.


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