Shocking Reason Why Nomvelo Makhanya Isn’t Landing New Roles After ‘Scandal!


Shocking Reason Why Nomvelo Makhanya Isn’t Landing New Roles After ‘Scandal!

The recent revelation by actress Nomvelo Makhanya regarding her departure from e.tv’s “Scandal!” has sent shockwaves through social media, as she bravely speaks out about her alleged experience in what she describes as a “toxic” working environment.

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Nomvelo, who portrayed the character Lindiwe Ngema, bid farewell to the show on November 10 last year, prompting speculation about the circumstances surrounding her exit. While rumors swirled about her being fired, “Scandal!” remained silent on the matter, instead highlighting her decade-long contribution to the show in a statement to TshisaLIVE.

However, in a viral video circulating on social media, Nomvelo refutes the notion that leaving the show was her decision. She candidly asserts that she was written off and expresses gratitude for what she perceives as a divine intervention in removing her from what she characterizes as a harmful environment.


In the video, Nomvelo reveals the extent of her emotional turmoil, admitting that she had contemplated taking her own life due to the toxicity she experienced on set. She attributes her departure to divine intervention, suggesting that it was a necessary step for her well-being.

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In response to Nomvelo’s claims, “Scandal!” issued a statement to TshisaLIVE, expressing surprise at the allegations of a toxic workplace environment. The production team asserts that they were unaware of any issues and maintain an open-door policy for their cast and crew. They clarify that Nomvelo’s character’s exit was solely based on the storyline and the natural progression of the character’s journey on the show.

While acknowledging Nomvelo’s significant contribution to the series, the production team emphasizes the need for creative exploration and the opportunity to introduce new narratives. They express appreciation for Nomvelo’s dedication to her role and the growth she exhibited during her tenure on the show.

Nomvelo’s courageous decision to speak out sheds light on the complexities within the entertainment industry and the challenges faced by actors behind the scenes. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for supportive work environments in all professions.

As the public absorbs Nomvelo Makhanya’s revelations, it’s pertinent to note that it has been a year since she parted ways with “Scandal!” without securing a new role on another show. This gap in her employment history has fueled speculation among observers, with some suggesting that her candid disclosures about her experiences may have made industry professionals wary of hiring her.

The entertainment industry often operates on perception, and the fear of potential controversy or conflict can influence casting decisions. Nomvelo’s outspokenness about the alleged toxicity of her previous workplace may have inadvertently created a perception that she is difficult to work with or prone to airing grievances publicly.

In an industry where reputations can be fragile, such perceptions can impact an actor’s opportunities for future roles. Despite her talent and dedication, Nomvelo’s candidness may have inadvertently cast a shadow over her career prospects.

It’s a sobering reminder of the delicate balance between transparency and professionalism in the entertainment industry. While speaking out about workplace issues is important for fostering change and accountability, it’s crucial to consider the potential consequences, particularly in an industry where perceptions can shape career trajectories.

As Nomvelo navigates this challenging landscape, it underscores the need for continued dialogue about mental health and workplace dynamics in the entertainment industry. By addressing these issues openly and constructively, the industry can work towards creating a safer and more supportive environment for all its members.


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