Sicelo Buthelezi responds to abused by a fan.


Sicelo Buthelezi responds to abused by a fan.

It’s truly baffling how some fans in the world of entertainment seem to have no concept of boundaries. Sicelo ‘Seekay’ Buthelezi, the former Gomora actor, has experienced firsthand how fans can sometimes interpret a storyline a bit too literally.

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An actor who recently joined Skeem Saam had an unexpected run-in with a fervent fan who, due to his portrayal on the show, unjustly labelled him as a rapist. Quite an unfortunate encounter, indeed. Renowned as Seekay, he portrays Toby, a cunning individual who shamelessly exploited his on-screen girlfriend Ntswaki (Lethabo Mekoa) when she had a change of heart about being intimate with him.

According to ZiMoja, a source close to the actor, he had just walked inside a filling station around Joburg when an unknown man standing in the queue greeted him and went on to call him a ‘rapist’. He said: “Ey, ke wena rapist ya Skeem Saam? (You the rapist from Skeem Saam).



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The source said Seekay was angry, but he decided to walk away from the fan. The source added that the actor was levelheaded and he knew that his job would be on the line. “We commended him for walking away from such- he is still young and has a lot happening, especially his brand,” added the source.

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Speaking to ZiMoja, Seekay said he doesn’t want to endorse such behaviour with a comment. “I don’t want to entertain that incident but people must know this is just a job and not my personal character,” he said.

The 25-year- old actor is not the only one who has been a victim of a fan. Many years ago, former Generations actress Pamela Nomvete, who played villain Ntsiki, was once a victim of a fan who jumped at her while she was walking at a mall.

Nkanyiso Makhanya, the actor who portrayed Njeza on Uzalo, found himself on the receiving end of an unexpected encounter with an impassioned fan. This incident arose due to his character’s mistreatment of his on-screen girlfriend, Nosipho.Zonke Mchunu, the talented actress from Muvhango, experienced a rather unfortunate incident when she was physically assaulted due to her portrayal of the character Iman Nkosi.

Imani managed to capture the attention of her aunt’s husband, Ranthumeng, and she successfully won over James from Marang. After that, a enraged fan attempted to attack, but fortunately, another fan saved Zonke.


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