Skeem Saam Emkay actor turns into a powerful Sangoma & Spirit Medium.


Skeem Saam Emkay actor turns into a powerful Sangoma & Spirit Medium.

Mlungisi Mathe, widely recognized for portraying Emkay on Skeem Saam, has embarked on a profound journey by answering his ancestral calling, stepping into the realm of a practicing sangoma and spirit medium.

Despite his role as Emkay, Mlungisi Ncube is currently undergoing the ukuthwasa initiation process, revealing the challenges and revelations that accompany his spiritual transformation.

Mlungisi Mathe 1

In a candid discussion about his journey, Mlungisi shared, “Fortunately, there are things I already knew and understood. Although it’s been hectic, lots of things were revealed to me. I found out about stuff I didn’t know about myself, things I didn’t understand from a young age. I now understand why some things happened.”

Acknowledging the difficulty of answering the calling, he expressed that it was the most challenging thing he had ever faced and emphasized that he wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else.


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Explaining the complexities of his healing gift, Mlungisi Mathe stated, “Amadlozi are using you and getting their first chance at life through you.” He recognized that the spiritual calling had been present since his teenage years, manifesting through dreams and visions that initially confused him.

Mlungisi Mathe 4

Opening up about the struggle to accept his calling promptly, Mlungisi reflected on the consequences, stating, “The fact that I took time to accept it was a problem. A lot of things got ruined. When you take time to accept a calling, amadlozi think you’re being disrespectful.”

Beyond being a sangoma, Mlungisi emphasized that he is deeply spiritual and also serves as a spirit medium. He revealed, “I read books, the Bible, and interpret dreams and people’s journeys.”

Despite the profound connection with his spiritual calling, Mlungisi acknowledged the challenges of balancing it with his artistic career, noting that refusing to help people with his calling brings his other pursuits to a standstill.


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