Skeem Saam viewers celebrate Samukele Mkhize’s departure.


Skeem Saam viewers celebrate Samukele Mkhize’s departure.

Former Isibaya actress Samukele Mkhize has left Skeem Saam, according to sources. The actress portrays the character Khwezi, and her character is finally written off.

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According to entertainment analyst Jabu Mcdonald, actress Samukele Mkhize, who portrayed Khwezi in Skeem Saam, has left the show.

The last episode of Mkhize will air on Tuesday, April 30. She debuted in November 2021 and has since emerged as the soap opera’s most loathed character.
The TVSA Skeem Saam, Tuesday 30 April teaser reveals that there will be a car crash but doesn’t reveal if this is how Khwezi will bow out of the show.


“A car crash victim succumbs to injuries in hospital.”

The May teasers make it clear that Lehasa will regret ending someone’s life. This could imply that Khwezi or Lehasa unintentionally murdered someone else when they smashed into another vehicle.

Similar to Amanda du Pont’s Lelo Mthiyane, Lehasa’s ex-girlfriend, Mkhize’s character could flee and disappear.

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The fact that Kgosi will blackmail Lehasa is made clear in the May teasers. This is in response to his tip to Khwezi this week that Lehasa had poisoned her wine.

Singer and Skeem Saam actress Samukele Mkhize plays the role of a villain, Khwezikazi “Khwezi” Maphosa. She is a ruthless, ambitious reporter who’s been out to make her baby daddy’s life hell.

Khwezi had an affair with Nothile’s wealthy father in the past, therefore she dated Lehasa in an attempt to get revenge on Nothile and her family.

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Lehasa gave Khwezi lobola when she became pregnant with his child. She sued for divorce after less than a year of marriage, claiming he had deceived her into accepting shares in her company, Khwezi Beauty.Many Skeem Saam followers think that LJ Junior, the child they share, isn’t even his.


@emily_teffoME: “I have never been this excited for a character to end like this one. Writers did Samukele dirty shame.”

@renei_Nay: “Finally. They must cut all the boring actors, the other lady who can’t act must also go. I can’t mention her because I love her on a personal level.”

@Rhoyi_Masoka: “Wonderful, it’s been boring from the very onset. Thanks for going.”

@Fulunem: “Ri khou livhuwa!!! Her storyline should have ended when she stabbed Lehasa!”

@moeketsimarupi2: “Thank God. She did not play the role well. Something was off.”


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