Skomota’s ex-girlfriend Black Cat Girl finds a new man.


Skomota’s ex-girlfriend Black Cat Girl finds a new man.

After obsessing over social media sensation and dancer Skomota for months, she’s finally moved on, and now she’s found a new bae.

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Str!pper, Black Cat Girl (32), whose real name is Mathapelo Kanyane from Maruleng Ga-Mphahlele in Limpopo, told the publication she’s head over heels with Mixon Tholo, popularly known as Tsekeleke (39).


The two said they’ve been dating for three months and are ready for anything.

Black Cat Girl, who previously told the publication she was in love with Skomota, said she has moved on.

“I’m happy with my chubby man.”

She said she met Tsekeleke at her friend’s party.

“Initially, he approached my friend who went to a party with me, but later changed his mind and asked me to be his girlfriend,” she said.

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Black Cat Girl said she was single and available at the time.

“I was like, let me just give it a try, and eventually, I fell for him.”

She said Tsekeleke has been taking care of her.

“He dumped his girlfriend in front of me. He even told his family I was his girlfriend. Everywhere he goes, he tells people I am his. I like that he appreciates me even when I’m not around,” she said.

Tsekeleke said he has found a wife in Black Cat Girl.

“I’m happy I’ve found a true wife because women have been playing and using me before. This woman takes care of me now,” he said.

Tsekeleke said some people have been saying negative things about their relationship.

“People have been calling my wife names, and I’ve blocked some of them who had negative things to say,” he said.

The couple said they have also been working together.

“When I get booked, I let the event’s organizers know I’m not alone. That way, I can help my man make money as well,” Black Cat Girl said.


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