Skomota’s reality show cancelled by MojaLove.


Skomota’s reality show cancelled by MojaLove.

The highly anticipated reality TV show featuring the viral dance sensation Skomota was unfortunately cancelled before it had the chance to grace our screens. The star’s team was met with a huge demand for his reality TV show, but unfortunately, the outcome of their request turned out to be quite disappointing.

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Social media has been abuzz with chatter following the circulation of a viral video capturing Skomota engaging in an intimate moment with a female fan.

In a recent turn of events, the viral dance sensation’s reality TV show was abruptly cancelled by MojaLove. It seems that his team had quite the audacious request, demanding a whopping R1 million from the channel. Quite the plot twist, wouldn’t you say?


Entertainment commentator @TvblogbyMLU hilariously broke the news of the show’s cancellation on Twitter (X).He wrote: “BREAKING! Skomota’s reality show has been canned by @MojaLoveTv after his team demanded R1 million for the show. This comes after they have shot two episodes. Skomota has since been touring the UK.”

Entertainment commentator Mlungisi Mbokazi shared his insights with Briefly News on the reasons behind the show’s cancellation.

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“I recall breaking the news on X about this reality show… it had a lot of negativity. People were asking if it was wise for the channel to move in this direction. Skomota is quite popular because of his online dance moves, but the channel pushed it with the reality show… again cancelling was not based on the above,” he said.

“Still, the money is being asked by his management. So, based on what he can bring to the table, I think 1 million was a bit too much…why not at least 500K…is his brand even worth 1 million. Can we please be realistic here,” he explained

Soon after the announcement of the star’s show being cancelled spread across social media, numerous internet users responded with their thoughts.


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