Slay Queen sangomas. See list of Skeem Saam actresses who are dangerous sangomas in real life.


Slay Queen sangomas. See list of Skeem Saam actresses who are dangerous sangomas in real life.

Most of the time, the term Sangomas carries a bad connotation resulting in people not heeding their calling.

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However, these Skeem Saam actors/actresses have answered the call of their ancestors and are Sangomas in real life.

This publication presents Skeem Saam actors/actresses who are Sangomas in real life.


Phophi Mudau Ratlabala

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Phophi Mudau Ratlabala who plays the character Cindy is a sangoma in real life.

Ratlabala was off the small screen for almost a year before she finally revealed why we had not seen her play Cindy on Skeem Saam. She explained that she was not on television because she took some time off as she was going through a spiritual journey of being a traditional healer.

Earlier this year, Phophi Mudau Ratlabala announced that she was now a graduated healer and she said she was happy to talk about her journey

As quoted by Daily Sun, the actress said;

“It has been both a challenging and beautiful journey. Learning to give of yourself, your time, your resources were minuscule in comparison to the lesson in humility. When you accept your calling to become a Healer, you let go of self completely and allow the Spirits to work through you and in you. “


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Mlungisi Bafana Mathe, who plays the role of Emkay Biyela on Skeem Saam opened up on his religion and spiritual journey as a sangoma.

At one time, Emkay was a church youth leader and a preacher before eventually becoming a pastor. Along the way, Mlungisi got a calling from his ancestors which he embraced.

Oratile Maitisa

Oratile Maitisa2

Oratile Maitisa joined Skeem Saam back in 2010, where she plays the role of Eunice Nkadimeng a the sweet and innocent young girl.

She grew up a Christian and was robed into two guilds at church where she was also a youth evangelist. In June 2021, Oratile announced that she was a Sangoma. She took to Instagram to share videos and pictures of what looked like her graduation day.

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