Smoke and mirrors Magolide and Pertunia are dating in real life.


Smoke and mirrors Magolide and Pertunia are dating in real life.

Some love stories remain hidden in the shadows in the world of celebrity, where the spotlight is often the brightest. Such was the case with the outstanding performers Kgaogelo Monama and Sabelo Ernest Radebe, who fell in love and exchanged vows in a secret ceremony that has left many people in the dark about the facts. The duo is currently impersonating Pertunia and Magolide on smoke and mirrors.

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Their love story has been a well-kept secret, with very few people aware of their marital status. Smoke and Mirrors actress Kgaogelo Monama and Magolide, as he’s known, are masters at keeping their private lives just that—private. The exact moment when their hearts intertwined remains a mystery, concealed behind the smoke and mirrors of their discretion.

While both actors occasionally share glimpses of their lives on social media, these tidbits of information are carefully curated, revealing little about their relationship. It’s a testament to their commitment to preserving the sanctity of their love away from the prying eyes of the public.


Intriguingly, both Kgaogelo Monama and Sabelo Ernest Radebe are currently portraying characters on the television drama “Smoke and Mirrors.” Sabelo takes on the role of Magolide, while Kgaogelo embodies the character of Pertunia.

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In the captivating storyline of “Smoke and Mirrors,” Magolide finds himself entangled in a complicated web of relationships. He is dating Mamiki, a close friend of Pertunia’s, all the while secretly involved with Dudu. The on-screen drama and tension between these characters are palpable, creating a stark contrast to the real-life union that Kgaogelo and Sabelo share.

The ability of these two actors to maintain their professionalism on set, despite their personal connections, is a testament to their dedication to their craft. In the world of make-believe, their characters’ tumultuous relationships are a far cry from the harmony they share in their real-life marriage

Before gracing the screens of “Smoke and Mirrors,” Kgaogelo Monama had already made a name for herself in the world of acting. She initially stepped into the spotlight as Dee in the SABC 1 sitcom “Thandeka’s Diary.” Her talent and versatility also extended to the world of advertising, where she appeared in a pasta brand commercial, portraying the role of a loving mother to a young boy.

On the other hand, Sabelo Ernest Radebe is a formidable presence in the world of theatre. His extensive experience in stage acting far surpasses his screen appearances. His remarkable performances in productions like “King Kong,” “Theatre Musical,” and “Peter Pan Pantomime” have solidified his reputation as a skilled and versatile actor.

Kgaogelo Monama and Sabelo’s love story, hidden behind the scenes but so lively, serves as a reminder that in the world of make-believe, genuine love tales are frequently the most captivating. Their personal journey is a monument to the power of love and the appeal of the unknown as they continue to fascinate audiences with their talents.


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