Smoke & Mirrors: Lulu dumps husband for General [watch]


Smoke & Mirrors: Lulu dumps husband for General [watch]

The level of infidelity on Smokes & Mirrors seems to be escalating with each passing day.
Recently, Ceaser decided to split  with his wife, Virginia, in favour of his new spouse, Thandiswa.Well, well, it seems that Lulu has decided to say goodbye to Mandla.
She’s been involved in a scandalous romance with her former flame, Mbuso, who is famously referred to as General.

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Mandla found that Lulu has absolutely no shame about it. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she locked gazes with her husband and casually dropped the bombshell that she had spent a passionate night with Mbuso. She didn’t hold back, expressing her desire for their marriage to come to an end so she could be with Mbuso.

Mandla was utterly incredulous at what he was hearing. Oh, the audacity of Lulu! However, it’s quite predictable that Mbuso will inevitably cause Lulu pain, leading her to seek solace in the arms of her husband once again.Will Mandla ever forgive Lulu for leaving him in favour of Mbuso? Only time will tell.


The teasers also hinted at a surprising twist: Mbuso believes that Fanyana is his own son, which will undoubtedly shatter Mandla’s heart. Prepare for the dramatic reveal! DNA tests are on the horizon, and the truth is about to come crashing down. Brace yourself, because the results are bound to prove that Fanyana is definitely not Mbuso’s son.

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Wednesday 15 May 2024
Episode 23

Tiny is intimidated by Petunia and tries to have her removed from the hotel, but her plan backfires when Martha welcomes Petunia back and asks that she be put on the cleaning roster.

Thursday 16 May 2024
Episode 24

Phakathi examines the CCTV coverage and questions Jaxon, making him very nervous. Caesar suggests that he makes nice with Phakathi to lure him onto their side.

Friday 17 May 2024
Episode 25

Sakhile advises Tiny against sabotaging Petunia. A fragile peace is established, but then Tiny explodes when Petunia changes the roster without consulting her.

Monday 20 May 2024
Episode 26

Grappling with Dikeledi’s loss, Thandiswa seeks comfort from Sakhile but gets his cold shoulder. Jaxon and Caesar fail in their attempt to corrupt Phakathi.

Tuesday 21 May 2024
Episode 27

General’s romantic gesture to Lulu meets with hesitation, her mind clouded by doubts following a recent family intervention.

Wednesday 22 May 2024
Episode 28

Dikeledi’s death at the hands of Mthetho leaves Caesar and Jaxon troubled. Meanwhile Phakathi goes AWOL at work, setting him up for attack from his new enemies.

Thursday 23 May 2024
Episode 29

Thandiswa has a nightmare that she is caught and wakes up in a cold sweat. Mandla is hurt and disappointed that Fanyana might not be his son.

Friday 24 May 2024
Episode 30

The rift between Tiny and Petunia widens and Tiny takes a sudden interest in researching bed bugs. Jaxon and Caesar continue to discuss how to get rid of Phakathi.


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