Social media reacts to Musa Mseleku’s complaint after waiting the whole night for MaNgwabe


Social media reacts to Musa Mseleku’s complaint after waiting the whole night for MaNgwabe

Polygamist, businessman and media personality Musa Mseleku took his wives and kids on vacation in the latest episode of their family reality show Uthando Nesithembu, and later went on a rant about how his fourth wife Mbali “MaNgwabe” Mseleku stood him up the whole night.

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Musa who is married to four wives takes turns to sleep at each wife’s home equally distributing his time to please everyone. At the time of the family vacation, it was MaNgwabe’s turn to spend quality time with the father of 10.

After having dinner at the hotel, Musa and MaNgwabe got up and left with other wives cheering for them to enjoy their private moment.



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The next day at the breakfast table, a clearly annoyed Musa told his other wives that MaNgwabe did not arrive at his room as she prioritised her friend over him. An unbothered MaNgwabe who had her own bedroom asked why didn’t Musa come to hers instead.

The conversation went further with Musa sharing that he wasn’t surprised by his fourth wife’s refusal to share a bed with him as he does so often.

After the episode aired, internet users took to different social media platforms to comment about the two lovers, with many saying MaNgwabe wasn’t feeling isithembu (polygamy) anymore.

Mselekus fifth wife 2

On the social media platform Instagram, users shared:

“Yes wena gal MaNgwabe the Nombelz Gcaba omkhulu (my queen) viva my president, ay I love Mbali sham.”

“He must go to Makhumalo he will get it every day…. Musa hurt people and get away with it but with Mbali shem she doesn’t heal, give the poor babe space,” commented one user.


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