Soka has chosen to be with Mampho


Soka has chosen to be with Mampho

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In the world of House of Zwide, Shoki and her husband Nkosi have concocted a clever scheme to track down Kopano. Their scheme is really heating up as Shoki is cleverly exploiting Kopano’s emotions to entice him back after he made off with a cool R100 million from Nkosi’s father’s company, House of Zwide.


Since Kopano entered the scene, Nkosi’s life has been turned completely upside down. Kopano managed to persuade him to cough up a whopping R100 million for a bogus investment. He fell right into the trap, dealing a devastating blow to the family business and nearly tearing apart his relationship with his wife and father.

Now, he’s determined to retrieve the money, enlisting the assistance of both his wife and his stepmother, Faith. Kopano has been receiving calls from Shoki, who has been deceitfully claiming that her relationship with Nkosi is over and that she has developed feelings for him instead.


Caution is advised for her, while Nkosi should remain vigilant. Kopano might just be caught in a love triangle with Shoki and Nkosi. It’s clear that he has conflicting feelings – caring for Shoki, but also harbouring some animosity towards Nkosi. Who knows what mischief he might get up to?

Meanwhile, Ona has finally confessed her lingering feelings to Soka. Rather than being upfront about his feelings and the fact that he’s been seeing Mampho, he chose to keep them both in the dark and play games.

Mampho is absolutely livid after stumbling upon a paper containing Soka’s meticulous analysis, pitting the two ladies against each other. Oh, how delightfully immature. Soka should gather his courage and make a firm decision about what he truly wants.

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Coming Up Next On House Of Zwide

Soka will ultimately choose Mampho as he comes to the realisation that his love for Ona has faded.The TVSA May House of Zwide teasers reveal an interesting dynamic between Soka and Mampho, suggesting a strong affection on Soka’s part.

Monday 27 May: “Soka does some serious soul searching and decides to tell a heartbroken Ona that he has chosen to be with Mampho. He then makes a heartfelt plea asking Mampho’s forgiveness.”

Upon coming to the realisation that his affections for his ex-girlfriend, Ona, are no longer present, Soka and Mampho will go on to become an official pair.Following the revelation that he has feelings for Mampho, the teasers also show that Ona would assist Mampho in coming to the conclusion that Soka is the ideal partner for her.

Wednesday 29 May: “Ona does the mature thing and helps Mampho realise that she is making a mistake letting Soka go. Mampho then decides to forgive Soka, and they both agree to start dating officially.”

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