Sonia Mbele discusses her life challenges.


Sonia Mbele discusses her life challenges.

Actress, producer, and businesswoman Sonia Mbele shares her insights with TrueLOVE at the NMJ Foundation event in the Vaal. With her incredible generosity, she managed to distribute over 200 food parcels, blankets, uniforms, and soccer kits to families in need in Sebokeng.

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As she sits down with TrueLOVE for a chat, she reflects on her less-than-ideal upbringing in this very place. “People think we came like but the honest truth is that we have different stories. I used to love here in this area. I used to wear shoes with holes under them,” she says.

Sonia reveals her clever lunchtime strategy of discreetly hiding out in the restrooms due to her financial constraints.”I was so ashamed that I would hide in the bathrooms because I had nothing to eat. That’s how much poverty I experienced,” the star shares.



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She also remembers the clever strategy she employed to ensure she never went hungry—befriending children from wealthier families.”I had a friend whose family had a garden of every vegetable but there were dogs; they were used to me, so I would sneak around at night to get some vegetables so that mum would have something to cook for us,” she says

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Despite her challenging circumstances, she persevered.Sonia is quite the hard worker, to the point where she proudly declares that she has retired from auditions.

“I remember I got a job at Truworths and that was the beginning of the glimmer of hope that followed because after that I was discovered by a woman who secured me my first advert. I remember it was for a chocolate advertisement and that was the beginning of my showbiz career.”  

“If I’m not meant to be in your production, then it’s okay but I will not audition. And, at the moment, I’m working with Netflix but I can’t reveal anything at this stage,” she concludes.


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