Spoiler Alert on Scandal! (April 22–26, 2024) [watch]


Spoiler Alert on Scandal! (April 22–26, 2024) [watch]

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Regarding Scandal! Dintle continues to work on Motshabi’s release from prison.That came after she was charged with giving other minors cocaine-laced hubbly. Dintle has been attempting to establish that Motshabi didn’t buy the narcotics for the girls—rather, he merely bought a hubbly flavor.


On her way to prove her daughter’s innocence, she believed that the hubbly was bought by her former friend, Kabza, who already had cocaine in the hubbly flavour.So, she took the flavours and brought them to the cops to have them tested.But Captain Cohen got the results and proved that the hubbly flavour was clean.

Dintle is thus back at the beginning with no evidence that proves her daughter’s innocence.
But she’s an investigative journalist, so she’s already prepared and always has a plan. Hopefully, she will eventually learn the truth and be able to save Motshabi.



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On the other side of town, Phakamile is considering going back into prostitution because her little sister Nqobile owes R25 000 in school fees and her boyfriend Jojo hasn’t been paying.Jojo has financial problems, and Phakamile wants to return to her old habits so that she can earn money.Let’s hope she doesn’t have to do that again.


Monday 22 April 2024
Episode 17

The carpet is pulled out from under Nhlamulo. An infiltration mission is all set for success until it hits a snag. Desperate Phakamile gets a dodgy suggestion for making money.

Tuesday 23 April 2024
Episode 18

While forgiveness isn’t forthcoming, a surprising event occurs. Dintle takes a huge risk on her quest to save her daughter. Jojo makes a shocking decision and Phakamile starts a controversial side hustle.

Wednesday 24 April 2024
Episode 19

A man smiles in the face of his friend while he deceives him. An indecent request sends Dintle running out the door. Tankiso is completely blindsided.


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Thursday 25 April 2024
Episode 20

Dintle makes a hair-raising decision. An interaction between a man and woman gives Nhlamulo an idea that could light a spark. A storm erupts between former business partners, casting a shadow of concern over their protege.

Friday 26 April 2024
Episode 21

A line is crossed and a mother starts to lose focus. An indecent proposal is laid before Mdala. Phakamile makes a breakthrough in her private activities.


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