#SpoilerAlert Mpendulo feels guilty for sleeping with Virginia, but he comes back to ask for more.


#SpoilerAlert Mpendulo feels guilty for sleeping with Virginia, but he comes back to ask for more.

Caesar finally asks Virginia for divorce, and Virginia doesn’t take this very well. She is so sad and upset.

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What makes Virginia more angry is that she finds out that Caeser divorced her because of Thandiswa. Virginia will take the matter personally. The teasers reveal that Virginia will sleep with Sakhile’s son, Mpendulo, after Caeser proposes marriage to Thandiswa.


Following Caesar’s divorce filing on Wednesday, March 6, the love affair between Mpendulo and Virginia will start on March 22. Mpendulo will think Virginia has good intentions for him; he will fall into her traps, and the two will sleep together.

After Mpendulo sleeps with Virginia, he will feel guilty and terrified for what he did, but he will come back into Virgiia’s arms and ask her for more.


“Mpendulo is horrified after sleeping with Virginia, but comes back for more, having had a conversation with Martha,” according to TVSA teasers.

The Monday, 25 teaser reports that Mpendulo (Khayalethu Xaba) will try to break up with Virginia but change his mind.

“Mpendulo tries to break things off with Virginia, but they go at it again.”

The community would be shocked to learn that Virginia had an affair with Sakhile, Mpendulo’s father. In addition, Mpendulo is the son of Thandiswa, who is engaged to Caesar.

Virginia’s plan is to take revenge on Thandiswa for snitching on her husband, Caeser. Virginia recorded the video while having sex with Thandiswa’s son.In an attempt to get revenge on Thandiswa and Caeser, Virginia would expose her sex take with Mpendulo, according to the teasers.

Friday 29 March 2024 stated: “The leaked sex tape is the talk of the town, Mpendulo confronts Virginia about it and realises that she used him.”


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