Springboks star having fun with his wife and kids in the snow


Springboks star having fun with his wife and kids in the snow

Springboks star lock, his wife and kids enjoyed snow dipping their faces during a family vacation in Japan.

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Springboks star lock Franco Mostert enjoyed the snow with his wife and kids during a family vacation. Franco and his family had been celebrating his wife Juan-Ri’s birthday on 14 December, going to Christmas, then the new year, they had been enjoying.

Indeed, it’s been a happy few months for Mostert since South Africa won the Rugby World Cup in France.


When they arrived back in South Africa, they celebrated with their fans, and they all looked happy. Franco and his family enjoyed the snow as they continued to show love to each other. Juan-Ri described the snow experience, saying she had not seen so much snow like that before.

She also said they would always find love in all the places they are in.

“… and we’ll find love in all the places we’ve been – figuratively as well. Never seen so much snow ❄️”

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It was an exciting experience for their children as they explored the snow. Franco led the kids in dipping his face into the snow, and the kids also copied him doing the same.

One of their kids would always dip his face but regret it later, saying he would not do it anymore. Sharing the experience on her Instagram, Juan-Ri expressed how much they enjoyed.

“Biba would never dare to press her face in the snow and say that he doesn’t want to do it anymore 😀 🤣. Sorry Bib 🤣🤣🤣🤣@franco_mostert ⛄️👌🏼🤍🩵 That snow looks good on you! 😝” she said.


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When his wife, Juan-Ri, celebrated her birthday, the Springboks lock wished her well with a lengthy, heartfelt tribute.

“Happy birthday my dearest wife!!” he started wishing her a happy day.

“When I stand and look at you, I just realize how blessed me and our children are to have you. You are such a great example by the way you care and love and give everything you can to keep us together.” he said.

“And for that me and our children can only thank the Lord every morning and evening that we have you. I hope and believe all your dreams come true and that my children and I will be able to spoil you for many more birthdays.” he continued.

“Love u” he finished expressing his love.WhatsApp Image 2024 01 26 at 06.22.00 7dbdf0ed


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