Star-Popped All-White Tombstone Insider Shona Ferguson’s Unveiling Course.


Star-Popped All-White Tombstone Insider Shona Ferguson’s Unveiling Course.

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Shona Ferguson had an unveiling fit for a King and had a star resembling the Hollywood Walk Of Fame


The late actor was honoured by his family and close friends at the all-white event organised by Nono Events

Connie Ferguson, his widow, gushed over Nono Events and how they executed the even


The late Shona Ferguson passed away in 2021, and his family recently had an unveiling ceremony.

Inside Shona Ferguson’s unveiling ceremony

Connie Ferguson, his family, colleagues and industry friends gathered to celebrate the life of Shona Ferguson. The unveiling ceremony was an all-white affair, and it was held over the weekend. Shona’s tombstone depicted a star, much like the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

The event was organised by Nono Events who shared the decoration at the venue and wowed social media users.

Shona and Connie Ferguson Twitter

Connie Ferguson gushes over event organisers’ execution

Connie Ferguson, his widow, gushed over Nono Events and how they perfectly executed the event “@nono_events – Thank you for always going above and beyond! Always exceeding expectations! You executed beautifully, Nono and team, and my family and I are so grateful! So befitting SHO. Forever our KING.”

Cash Flow Ngcobo was among the attendees and he too shared a few kind words with Connie.

“Mr Sho unveiling. My sister @connie_ferguson I’m proud of you and your whole family for keeping Mr Sho’s Legacy alive.

I’m sure he is definitely looking down, from heaven, with a smile.

” To which Connie responded: ” Thank you so much Bro. Grateful for your presence. Thank you for SHOwing up.”

There was also a surprise performance from an artist who left Connie and the rest of the ladies swooning.

“@bondo_za surprised the ladies with a performance plus a song made just for @connie_ferguson what more can we ask for you can see with their faces that they loved it.”

Connie Ferguson remembers Shona Ferguson on Christmans Day

In a previous report from Briefly News, actress Connie Ferguson remembered her late husband, Shona Ferguson. On Christmas day, the actress posted a video of the late star.

Connie wrote on her Instagram page that this is the third Xmas without her husband.


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