Swazi Makoti Boutique dresses Sindi Dlathu for ‘Queendom’ role


Swazi Makoti Boutique dresses Sindi Dlathu for ‘Queendom’ role

South African multi-award-winning actress Sindi Dlathu gets dressed by Swazi Makoti Boutique for her role in Queendom.

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Swazi Makoti Boutique is a boutique that has a primary focus on dressing brides (oomakoti). While their dresses are designed with brides in mind, they are not limited to just brides, any lady can wear them, although the collection is mostly worn by ooMakoti.


Talking to the founder and visionary of Swazi Makoti Boutique, Zandiswa Msikinya who is from Butterworth Eastern Cape she shared with us the inspiration behind the name, “Swazi is my clan’s name and it’s the name by which many people recognize me on social media instead of my biological name. Makoti or Umtshakazi translates to bride, and this name was a significant inspiration for our brand.”

Zandiswa who is a Crop Scientist sees herself as someone who is esteemed for her warm personality, known for her charisma and impeccable sense of style. She does not only have an impeccable sense of style but also in philanthropy.


While in conversation with BONA, she shared that her dressing Sindi for her role was something that came unexpectedly and shocked her because she had recently sent her a direct message showing her gratitude after Sindi followed her page.

She had offered to send her a full range of Makoti but did not get a response until a week later when she got a call from the wardrobe head of Queendom, Phindile Mlambo requesting her to dress Sindi for her role.

“At the end of the day, Sindi cheerfully revealed she intentionally refrained from responding to my initial Instagram DM as she wanted to surprise me with this incredible opportunity. She shared that she had advocated for my work within the team, leading to this memorable collaboration,” shared Zandi.

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Zandiswa told BONA that the boutique changed her life for the better, it provided her with a platform to connect with South Africans and significantly increased her visibility, “Now, I find that when I walk into various places, people instantly recognize me and associate my face with the brand.”

Her long-term goal is to see the brand grow its footprint across South Africa, “We are dedicated to expanding our range of Makoti clothing to encompass a diverse representation of tribes, while also creating more job opportunities within the manufacturing sector. Looking ahead, we aim to introduce a new division within Swazi Makoti known as “Corporate Couture,” specializing in designing professional wear for all professions.”

She also shared that if it wasn’t for sewing, she would have pursued a career in the beauty spa industry.

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We cannot run away from the fact that when you have a business you are bound to encounter challenges, Zandiswa shared with us what she’d want people to look out for.

“I will be transparent and vulnerable. Starting this business involved making significant sacrifices. I had to make tough choices, like selling my car to secure funding for the business. Financial challenges emerged, highlighting unforeseen blind spots despite careful planning. I learned the value of financial discipline and education, albeit later than I would have liked. I had to be broke at some point in building Swazi Makoti Boutique, I struggled to make ends meet,” she said.

She further spoke about the struggles of finding reliable employees, especially in the early stages because some did not share the same vision as her, “Being a woman in business brought its own set of challenges, with opportunists trying to take advantage. Thankfully, my family, Cwerha and friends had supported me through these tough times.

“In entrepreneurship, sacrifices are often necessary before seeing results. While still in the sacrifice phase, I see improvements daily. Collaborations with influencers, though beneficial for exposure, come with costs. Sacrifices are integral to the journey, paving the way for long-term success,” she added.

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Giving words of encouragement to upcoming entrepreneurs, Zandi said, “Hamba ngalamandla unawo meaning start with what you have. Remain humble as people are drawn to those who show respect. Respect can lead to new opportunities.

“Stay true to your beliefs, personally, I firmly believe in Christ. As you face challenges while climbing higher, it is important to have something that motivates you. For me, it is prayer that keeps going,” she added.


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