Talented and beloved actor Sipho Eric Ndlovu reportedly leaving Isitha: The Enemy


Talented and beloved actor Sipho Eric Ndlovu reportedly leaving Isitha: The Enemy

Actor Sipho Eric Ndlovu has unexpectedly announced his exit from the highly rated e.tv drama series Isitha: The Enemy. Fans are in shock and desperate for explanations after Ndlovu suddenly quit the show, which came soon after Zamani Mbatha’s exit.

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Sipho Eric Ndlovu, who played an iconic character on the show, gave a number of reasons for his resignation, including conflicts about pay and salary with the production crew. The actor revealed that he was not receiving a salary that matched his contributions to the show in order to vent his anger with the way financial affairs were handled, according to the source

“I have had some misunderstandings with the team regarding my salary. As an actor, I believe in fair compensation for my work, and unfortunately, we were unable to reach a satisfactory agreement,” Ndlovu stated in a recent interview, a source confirmed.



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In addition to the salary dispute, Ndlovu hinted at other opportunities on the horizon, indicating that he is considering another show as his next career move. While details about his future projects remain undisclosed, fans are eagerly anticipating Ndlovu’s next steps and eagerly awaiting news of his upcoming roles.

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Ndlovu’s departure comes at a pivotal moment for “Isitha:The Enemy,” following the recent exit of fellow cast member Zamani Mbatha. The loss of two beloved actors within a short span of time has left fans concerned about the future of the series and the impact it will have on the storyline and character dynamics.

As fans bid farewell to Ndlovu and his character on Isitha:The Enemy, they do so with a mixture of sadness and anticipation for what the future holds. Ndlovu’s contributions to the show will be remembered and cherished by viewers, who have grown to appreciate his talent and presence on screen.

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Ndlovu’s departure may mean the end of his time on Isitha:The Enemy, but it also heralds the start of an exciting new chapter in his career, one that is full of potential and thrilling prospects.Thobani Nzuza, who starred in Isitha: The Enemy, recently revealed that he and Sipho Eric Ndlovu have joined e.tv’s exciting new drama, Isiphetho: Destiny.


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