The Mommy Club Star Mrs Mops is set to launch her beauty range.


The Mommy Club Star Mrs Mops is set to launch her beauty range.

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Reality TV star Nompumelelo “Mrs Mops” Mophatlane is set to launch a skincare and beauty range. This comes after she confirmed having financial struggles in her marriage with businessman Isaac Mophatlane and they almost lost their upmarket home.


The couple’s home almost made it onto the sheriff’s auction list after they had been facing a rough patch last year. Their luxurious R9m five-bedroom double-storey house in Waterkloof, Pretoria where they live with their three children and two nannies was put up for bidding by Nedbank when they could not meet up with their monthly installments. But the coupe quickly rescued it. Mrs. Mops has not denied going through tumultuous times and the mom of three has since picked herself up.

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In a few weeks, Mrs Mops says that she will be launching her skincare line, Nala Rae. “I am super excited about it. It will have cleansers, moisturisers, serums, masks, and all of that. I will launch soon. I was very involved in the making of each product, going to the plant, picking the packaging, labeling and even testing the reproduction myself. It’s my fourth baby,” she tells ZiMoja. “Everything is completely natural and for people with sensitive skin.” Mrs Mops says having been through many difficulties, she plans to make a change in 2024. “This year I plan to be more fabulous and make more money. Everyone knows what I have been through, I spoke about it. This year promises to be good.”

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Above being business minded, Mrs Mops also has a degree in Drama and Film but has been struggling to get an acting job which has led her to jump onto the reality TV bandwagon. “Acting is my first love. I am a true thespian. But being in the film and acting industry is tough. I auditioned and did not get the parts,” she says. “That is how I go into reality, to help kickstart my career in entertainment. But I will be back in acting soon,” Mrs Mops said.

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Some of her public celebrity friendships have been rocky and she fell out with friend Omuhle Gela, but they have since reunited. “Omuhle and I are good, we have made up and are back to being friends again.” Mrs. Mops has received a lot of backlash on social media and labelled a “stirrer and instigator” but she begs to differ. “A lot of people have the misconception that I am a mean girl. I have mean girl energy. I am a po stirrer. But I am actually a softy.


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