The popular Ama2000 Queen Minaj has repented and accepted Jesus as her only Christ and Saviour.


The popular Ama2000 Queen Minaj has repented and accepted Jesus as her only Christ and Saviour.

Dancer and influencer Queen Minaj caused quite a stir on social media back in July 2022 when she effortlessly commanded attention by rocking a crop top and some seriously snug denim shorts, bringing an entire mall to a standstill.

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The notorious Ama2000, who is said to be a member of the ZCC church, is a very attention-grabbing individual due to the brilliant pink braids that she wears. Everywhere she goes, she never fails to attract attention to herself.


The influencer certainly caught her fans off guard with a surprising revelation on social media: she’s a member of the ZCC! Queen Minaj effortlessly showcases her unique style on her TikTok and Facebook accounts. With a fashionable doek and an array of stunning dresses, she exudes confidence and individuality. It’s worth noting her choice to wear a ZCC emblem while passionately singing gospel music, adding a touch of personal flair to her performances.


In September, the ever-popular Ama2000 caused quite a stir on social media with her revelation that she’s a savvy businesswoman. Apparently, her chicken-selling venture is a roaring success, thanks to her unique approach to customer service. It seems like everyone wants a taste of her poultry! Queen Minaj, the small-scale chicken farmer or seller, has been captivating customers left, right, and centre ever since she started her business.

The fashionista made it clear in an interview with the Daily Sun that she is not involved in any questionable activities and emphasised that her choice of clothing should not be a basis for insults or assumptions. She humorously mentioned that she felt quite repulsed when her photos were transformed into pornographic material.

Queen Minaj has repented and accepted Jesus

Queen Minaj has once again ignited a social media frenzy after her prolonged absence left fans speculating about her whereabouts and well-being. According to sources, the infamous celebrity has recently had a change of heart and embraced Jesus as her saviour. It has come to light that she has made the decision to dedicate herself to attending church full-time and has chosen to refrain from posting those controversial social media pictures.

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“Queen Minaj has repented and accepted Jesus as her Christ and Saviour,” MDN News revealed


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