The Qwabe twin’s new haircut fascinates fans


The Qwabe twin’s new haircut fascinates fans

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The Qwabe twins are the only pair of twins who are successful musicians in Mzansi, they first came into the spotlight when they had auditioned for season 15 of idols SA. The twins made history on the show as one got eliminated and the other decided to call it quits, as they wanted to go onto the finish line together.

The two remarkable sisters are very talented and their talent have opened up so many doors for them. After DJ Tira took them in and groomed them into even greater artists, they have been making waves in the music industry. While the sisters look very much alike, they also have a very different personalities which has made them very popular.

They were born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where they learned to love music as children. The twins love rocking matching outfits and that even makes it hard for people to identify who is who. Their sense of fashion have also increased and they always rock unique and mind blowing outfits. They recently left Mzansi in a state of awe with their breathtaking look.

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