‘The Ultimatum SA’: Nkateko talks Khanya’s ‘bad behaviour’


‘The Ultimatum SA’: Nkateko talks Khanya’s ‘bad behaviour’

‘The Ultimatum SA’ star Nkateko has set the record straight on criticism he condoned his ex Khanya’s ‘bad behaviour’…



The Ultimatum SA’s Nkateko Mahange has set the record straight on criticism that he condoned the behaviour of his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Khanya Nqolase, on the show.

Khanya courted controversy on social media for her verbal abuse towards her partner. She was also accused of bullying and fat-shaming fellow contestant Siza Dhlamini.



Speaking to Glamour magazine, Nkateko claimed that he did not excuse his ex Khanya’s actions on The Ultimatum SA.

He said: “I’d like to make it clear that I never once condoned any of the bad behaviour Khanya displayed on the show. I was taught to acknowledge where I may be at fault at any given moment”.

Nkateko added that while he was now single, he was not looking for another relationship.

He added: “I’ve been focused on myself, going to therapy, and getting better.”

The Ultimatum SAs Nkateko has confirmed his split from partner and baby mama Khanya 1

Following the broadcast of The Ultimatum SA’s reunion episode last month, Nkateko confirmed that he had split from Khanya after a “physical altercation.”

The reality TV star claimed he was committed to co-parenting their son with the aid of the legal system.

He posted on his Instagram account: “I’ll be fine. God and my family have helped me heal and move on with my life. I am not looking back for anyone or anything.”


Meanwhile, Khanya has thrown shade at her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Nkateko Mahange, in a social media post.

The Netflix reality TV star has been branded the “villain” of The Ultimatum SA’s first season.

In recent weeks, Khanya has kept a low profile on social media. However, in a recent reel, the mother-of-one opened the comment section, in which she clapped back at not only her critics but also her ex.

Khanya responded to criticism of her being a bully and her appearance on the show, particularly her lace front wig.

She also liked comments shading her ex, including: “You had a baby with a boy” and “Nkateko is not the victim or as innocent as he was made out to be.”


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