Thuso Mbedu opened up about loving her dark brown skin


Thuso Mbedu opened up about loving her dark brown skin

Despite being hailed as one of the most stunning South African stars, Emmy-nominated actress Thuso Mbedu has opened up about her past struggles with self-perception. She candidly discusses the reasons behind her insecurities, particularly regarding her beautiful dark complexion.

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Thuso delighted her followers with a captivating throwback picture of her younger self, accompanied by an unexpected backstory that left many pleasantly surprised.

“I came across this picture that was taken three years ago and the first thought that struck me was, ‘This was the first time I felt pretty in my skin/complexion’. That was the thought and then I thought, ‘oh snap. That’s deep. And sad. That’s deeply sad,’” she said


Thuso stated that she was crushed when she realised that it was only during that photo shoot that she started to feel beautiful. At the time, she was nearing the end of her 25 years on Earth and in the process of approaching her 26th year.

The actress went on to say that it was not the fact that she was wearing makeup that made her feel pretty; rather, it was the awareness that her dark skin had never been something that “in the way” of showing off her beauty.

“It wasn’t even about the make-up because, as you can see, we went a little left with that. I just absolutely loved the brown of my skin that day. For the first time, I, too, could be perceived as pretty ‘despite’ how dark I was,” she said

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Therefore, she made the most of the occasion to inspire other ladies of dark complexion and black skin to embrace the skin that they are in.“Twenty-six years is a long time to stop being awkward in your own skin just because you turned out a little darker than your sibling and so I hope that my younger followers will learn to love their own shade right now,” she said more.

Thuso Mbedu responds to haters!

Over the past few years, Thuso Mbedu has encountered some remarks that have raised doubts about her age and romantic relationships. The 33-year-old actress is a master at gracefully sidestepping any comments about her personal life, particularly on social media. She knows better than to engage in the endless chatter and instead focuses on what truly matters.

The actress recently became a hot topic on social media when an X user commented, “Sis is getting old.” However, this post sparked a range of reactions, with some people wondering why she hasn’t tied the knot yet.

In 2022, Thuso Mbedu playfully addressed the curiosity surrounding her life by responding to those who have been asking questions.Rumours have been swirling on social media about her marital status, fueled by the incessant enquiries into her age and love life.

In response to haters, she wrote: “Seeing as people like to tweet with their chests. Yes, I’m 31. No, I’m not married. No, I don’t have children that have come from my uterus but my nieces call me ‘mam ncane’ (younger mother) because that’s how we do it in the Zulu culture & I love them like their mine,”



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