Tiktoker Brendan Maphake speaks about Skeem Saam’s character


Tiktoker Brendan Maphake speaks about Skeem Saam’s character

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To set the record, Brendan Maphake did not land his big acting gig because of his healthy Tik Tok numbers and trending videos, contrary to the circulating news. Instead, like any other actor in Mzansi, Maphake went to the audition and was found worthy to form part of Skeem Saam’s cast, where he will portray the role of Amukelani.


He makes his debut appearance on February 2nd.His character, Amukelani, aka Amu, is the new addition to the Turf High learners, with his arrival causing a stir, leaving the girls smitten and all the boys feeling intimidated.

This big break is the star’s third acting role after his breakout role as Sandile on Mzansi Magic’s Ntwana Yaka, which premiered last year in April, way before he became popular on TikTok, he reveals.


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Acting has always been a dream he wanted to achieve. “I am definitely feeling grateful to God, first and foremost, because without Him I wouldn’t be here. I’m excited to have embarked on this new journey with Skeem Saam and also to be given the opportunity to tell more stories,” he said.

Maphake hails from Johannesburg and said he knew acting was something he wanted to do from a tender age. Lucky for him, his mother, who raised him single handedly, supported this desire, “although she always emphasized the importance of having something else to fall back on.

“I’ve always considered myself an entertainer, from how I grew up to the type of person who always wants to make people happy. But I’ve also always had a huge fetish for all things entertainment, music, and radio.

“Amu, my character is very chilled and charming, and I think I related to the character in that way. My Tiktok content has a huge female following who find what I say cute, even with how I say certain words in Sesotho. But what I can guarantee is that the character will bring forth a lot of surprises,” he adds.

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And as a “Zutho” content creator, mixing two local languages, IsiZulu and Sesotho, together and being on a show that is predominately anchored on SePedi, the polarity of this fact is what makes this new journey meaningful.

“My new family in Skeem Saam is filled with compassion and is very welcoming. I will admit that I was nervous at first, just at the thought that I would be friends with people I grew up watching. That has to be the most satisfying experience of my life. The cast makes you feel like you’ve always known them, sharing valuable advice about the industry.

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He also hints at a project that is still coming but has to keep mum in the interim.Maphake is not the only new face on the show, with three more actors making their debut appearances, namely Pholoso Mohlala, Themba Manganyi, and Nyaniso Dzedze, who makes his appearance on February 12th.


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