Tino Chinyani speaks on being a father


Tino Chinyani speaks on being a father

Tino Chinyani, the multi-talented person, is not only an actor, model, musician, and TV presenter but also a devoted father who never fails to captivate his fans on social media. He’s inviting families to join in the festivities at the Celebrating Dad with Tino Chinyani event on June 16 in Sandton, Gauteng.

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ccordinng to ZiMoja, Tino welcomed his baby with Simphiwe Ngema in 2021 and he believes his life changed after becoming a father. “Before, I was very selfish. I was working entirely for myself. My lifestyle was not too crazy compared to what it is now. I am still fun-loving, adventurous, and an outdoor adrenalin junky,” he says.

“Now, I just have more purpose. I don’t feel the need to be seen as much or to party as much. But I’m more interested in building for my family and being a great role model for my son. My lifestyle has calmed down a bit. Fatherhood has been a truly amazing journey.It also shaped the way I behave and look at the world around me. I have discovered what love truly means beyond myself, and to give that love beyond myself has been the best thing I can ever ask for,” he says.


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At his even that will be hosted at the Radisson Sandton Hotel, Tino hopes that fathers will have a dialogue. “I think as men, we don’t have encouraging, engaging, and powerful conversations enough. It is our duty as men to take it upon ourselves to have these conversations,” he tells ZiMoja. “We need to talk about how we can be better men, better leaders, and role models, and be present, actively engage to eradicate generational curses.”

As much as fatherhood comes with challenges, Tino says he is having fun along the way. “The beautiful thing about life is the experiences, laughs, and the people you share it with. If you’re too serious, you become too focused on the past or the future and forget to live in the now,” he says.

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“However, I have developed a strong sense of stability.” Leading a family requires a certain level of spiritual strength, as it is an important aspect of guiding and supporting your loved ones. I found it necessary to tap into a deeper understanding of myself and forge a closer connection with the divine. I’ve become quite an expert at managing my finances, and let me tell you, the impact of being responsible with money has really hit me hard. I realised I needed to step up my game and become more disciplined. I’ve become quite frugal compared to my previous spending habits. I also discovered the importance of not taking things too seriously along the way. I prefer to embrace the present. Tino is currently immersed in the world of TV production.

“It will encapsulate everything beautiful about Africa, the continent, people, cuisine, and vibrancy. I am also working with Manu World Star or Music and Vuka M Beats, and we will deliver amazing projects,” he said


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