Tito Mboweni raises eyebrows with his unconventional meal choices on five occasions.


Tito Mboweni raises eyebrows with his unconventional meal choices on five occasions.

While Tito Mboweni may be known as the politician who formerly served as the Minister of Finance, on the streets of social media, Tito is mainly known for his questionable meals.

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Although he may not win the Chef of the Year award, this does not stop Tito from sharing his culinary creations with social media users.


From serving a “not promising” plate of lamb stew to almost “drowning” fish, below are five times Tito had the internet scratching their heads at his meals.

1. Garlic galore in a chicken “stew”

While preparing his chicken stew, the home chef added an abundance of garlic, leaving many X (formerly Twitter users) stunned.


“You will definitely wipe out the vampire ancestry with those,” commented one internet user.

Showing the result of his dish, not many agreed that he had made an actual stew. “You boiled chicken for four hours and called it a stew,” wrote an X user.

2. Drowning fish

Granted, fish thrive underwater, but when they are in your pot, maybe go easy on the liquids…?

Jumping the gun before receiving comments about his method of cooking fish, the former minister captioned his post, “I know what you will say. ‘God, he drowned the fish!’ Fish live in water! It’s coming on okay!”

The post resulted in one person saying the fish was lucky to swim with vegetables.

3. Olive oil-drowned chicken

Fish was not the only food Tito was said to drown!

Tito shared with his followers that a whole chicken was on the menu at the Mboweni household. Noting that only three other ingredients were used, he reassured social media users that the poultry was not drowning as it was seen in a pot of what can be described as a whole bottle of olive oil.

“Today, we are not drowning the children. Salt and a bit of water and olive oil. Yee of no faith!”

4. Carrot stew

Tito had another one of his stew dishes questioned by social media users after he showed a pot full of carrots in his lamb stew. Admitting that the meal did not look promising, this did not stop the internet from dubbing the dish a carrot stew.

5. Chicken and pap a la loadshedding 

Served with a side of pap, thankfully this time around, Tito did not drown the chicken. Despite Tito feeling that the dish was a hit, and the fact that it was made during loadshedding, many felt it did not look appetising.

An X user stated, “Whenever I get hungry while fasting during Ramadan, I visit your page and suddenly I’m not hungry anymore.”


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