Umkhokha:The Curse: Nobuntu’s seeing flames.


Umkhokha:The Curse: Nobuntu’s seeing flames.

Umkhokha: The Curse has got Nobuntu seeing flames. Her lover, Menga, is treating her badly. That is simply unacceptable!This cunning and deceitful man had the audacity to label her as weak when she bravely exposed him as a scammer. He’s managed to dig them into quite a financial hole and is spinning a web of deceit.

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It’s quite unfortunate that a significant portion of the stolen funds belonged to the church where Nobuntu’s dad, Difa, holds a leadership position.It seems like poor Difa just can’t catch a break. Now, there’s a possibility that other church leaders might mistakenly think he’s involved in the scam, even though he has absolutely no clue about it.Nobuntu is left to face the music alone after Menga’s sudden disappearance.


Despite the challenges, Khulekani is reminding us of the impeccable timing of God. He’s been toiling away on his content creation for months, eagerly anticipating a moment of triumph. One of his videos finally went viral and reached a whopping three million views on social media. In addition to that remarkable feat, his prayer has miraculously caused a wheelchair to rise and move on its own.


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Monday 13 May 2024
Episode 51

Pay back the money

The police are after a fugitive. Nobuntu drives to the Gumede home with her tail between her legs. Khulekani sees the power of God.

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Tuesday 14 May 2024
Episode 52

Arrest the scapegoat

Difa and MaMzobe try to rebuild their marriage one brick at a time. Spha gives Khulekani his flowers. Nobuntu is on the run from the law.

Wednesday 15 May 2024
Episode 53


Sibahle confesses her sins, risking Ndlovu’s position in the church. Nobuntu learns what happens when you defy your parents. Difa shuts his heart for Nobuntu.

Thursday 16 May 2024
Episode 54

Goin’ home

Nobuntu returns home with the tail between her legs. MaMzobe risks her marriage. Khulekani wins souls on his rise.

Friday 17 May 2024
Episode 55

Restoration comes with a beat down

Difa and Ndlovu reach an agreement but it’s the silence before the storm. A fist fight ensues in church, shocking Amajudiya. Khulekani gets a horrifying visit from the dead.


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