‘Unconditional apology within seven days’: DJ Tira threatens legal action against Luke Ntombela.


‘Unconditional apology within seven days’: DJ Tira threatens legal action against Luke Ntombela.

‘We demand a retraction of such malicious and defamatory statements,’ DJ Tira has demanded an ‘unconditional apology’ from Luke Ntombela.

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Mthokozisi Khathi, affectionately known as DJ Tira, is making headlines after being accused of sexual abuse by musician Luke Ntombela.

Against the damning allegations Luke Ntombela even shared some of her alleged chats with the muso.



Ntombela has it that she once woke up half-naked in DJ Tira’s bed after rubbing shoulders with the muso. The singer wants answers about what happened that night because she no longer recalls anything.

Against the daring allegations, Luke Ntombela had an interview with Durban-based SABC radio station Ukhozi FM. She opened up about the incident and made it known she wanted nothing but answers from DJ Tira.

However, DJ Tira has unleashed his lawyers on the bubbly singer. Earlier this week, DJ Tira’s legal team shared a cease-and-desist letter instructing Ntombela to stop talking about the award-winning DJ.

“Our clients have advised us of [the] continuous assassination of their characters and brand perpetuated by your posts on various social media accounts of unfounded, baseless, and defamatory allegations against them,” wrote the lawyers.

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However, DJ Tira’s lawyers also revealed that the daring claims have since damaged his brand and reputation. No doubt, DJ Tira has fast become one of the most sought-after stars in South Africa. He has worked with several esteemed brands over the years.

“It is our further instruction that you were on the Ukhozi FM radio station and again made serious, baseless, and unfounded defamatory statements against our clients.

“It became apparent from the Ukhozi FM radio station interview that your allegations were devoid of substance and logic but full of malice and a desire to blackmail our clients into paying you money for undetermined reasons under the guise of our client owing you some money for performing musical exercises,” reads part of the letter.


However, apart from downplaying the alleged allegations, DJ Tira’s legal team said Ntombela must issue a retraction within seven days. Failure to issue a public retraction will lead to legal action.

“We demand a retraction of such malicious and defamatory statements against our clients through the same social media you used to publish them. You must further conduct a radio interview through the same radio station, retract the interview you conducted, and offer an unconditional apology,” said the lawyers.

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Part of the letter reads, “Failure of which will leave our clients without an option but to seek legal redress against your unlawful conduct to protect our client’s brand.”

No doubt, DJ Tira is not the first celebrated star to be embroiled in such allegations. DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik once hogged headlines after being accused of sexual assault. However, they reportedly won the case against the complainant.


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