Uzalo’s Thobeka Ndwandwe discusses her childhood struggles.


Uzalo’s Thobeka Ndwandwe discusses her childhood struggles.

Famous Mzansi actress Thobeka Ndwandwe certainly struck a chord with Uzalo viewers with her impeccable portrayal of Olwethu Khumalo, a 17-year-old schoolgirl and model, who faced the harsh reality of being bullied by her peers.

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The 28-year-old actress playfully remarked that viewers were absolutely captivated by the range of emotions her character evoked, which in turn reminded her of the challenging experiences she faced during her youth.

hobeka, hailing from Mandeni in KZN, bravely shared her heartbreaking experience of being violated by a family friend at the tender age of four.Tragically, a few months after the alleged incident, her mother passed away from cancer.

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She mentioned that even though it’s a chapter she believed she had wrapped up, the role brought back memories of the challenges some of the girls are going through.She said that although her story is painful, she dealt with it with the help of her family.

“This character was my big break in the acting industry. I enjoyed playing Olwethu, but it opened old wounds. I think that’s the reason I did well. Although I enjoyed it, I felt pain as well, which made it easy for me to show frustration and emotions. I won’t elaborate on the rape incident as it’s something I don’t wish to affect my mission of prospering. Maybe one day, I’ll do something to help rape victims through the healing process,” Thobeka said.

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She humorously remarked that her experience on Uzalo was quite the learning journey for her.The high school years were a time when the rising star’s passion for acting truly blossomed. She decided to pursue her passion for drama and Theatre by enrolling at Ikabawo Performing Art Academy in Durban.

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“I discovered that there are interesting things about myself. I also discovered that I have an amazing acting talent. I gave it my all and am certain the future looks bright. One of the highlights was acting along with famous TV stars I grew up watching,” she said

Thobeka aspires to explore diverse roles beyond her Uzalo character, achieve accolades, and mentor aspiring actors from Mandeni.

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