Watch: Actress Matshepo Maleme exits House of Zwide, and she is rumored to be going through brain cancer treatment in real life.


Watch: Actress Matshepo Maleme exits House of Zwide, and she is rumored to be going through brain cancer treatment in real life.

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Matshepo Maleme, a well-known figure in the South African entertainment industry, now portrays the character Rea on House of Zwide and she is leaving the show at the end of February 2024, according to TVSA teasers.


The actress is portraying a cancer patient in the drama series House of Zwide. Recent episodes of the show have left viewers in tears because they are so profoundly emotional. In the storyline, Rea and Isaac look into getting treatment from a private hospital, but the treatment for the cancer is expensive, and the Molapo family cannot afford to get it.

TVSA teasers reveal that Rea is going to die from cancer, leaving Isaac and his family heartbroken.The whole of Thembisa will come together to give their condolences after Rea’s death, leaving everyone close to her devastated.


OIP 31

Friday 23 February 2023:  Rea goes for an assessment to determine how well the treatment is going.

Monday 26 February 2024Rea appears to be recovering well and has warm moments with Keletso and Ona before tragedy strikes as the cancer claims her life, leaving the Molapo’s devastated.

Tuesday 27 February 2024Everyone heads to the Molapo’s to offer their condolences

Rumors reveal that the actress Matshepo Maleme is undergoing real-life brain cancer treatment. Speculations have arisen from her character’s storyline in House of Zwide, suggesting a parallel with her actual battle against brain cancer seizures.

Interestingly, Matshepo Maleme, also known as Zandi Maphosa on Skeem Saam, apparently had her character taken off the show due to a storyline concerning brain cancer. If it is true that she has cancer in real life, the news is consistent with ongoing reports concerning her health, causing fans to show their support and keep her in their prayers.

Considering the lack of official confirmation from a credible source about her real life health fans are considering the possibility that Matshepo would take a break from acting to focus on her health and seek treatment. In such a circumstance, it is expected that her fans will show their full support and understanding, wishing her a speedy recovery and eagerly anticipating her victorious return to the screen when she is ready.

The entertainment industry will surely miss Matshepo Maleme’s ability and presence, but the general consensus is that her well-being comes first. Fans are expected to gather around her during this difficult time, emphasizing the significance of her health and hope for a speedy recovery.


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