[WATCH] AKA’s dad defends viral videos hints Anele Tembe was also to blame


[WATCH] AKA’s dad defends viral videos hints Anele Tembe was also to blame

AKA’s dad Tony Forbes has hinted that Anele Tembe wasn’t the only one who suffered in silence while addressing those ‘abuse’ videos.

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Tony Forbes, the father of AKA, has broken his silence on those disturbing videos of his son and his fiancee Anele “Nelli” Tembe.

But according to Tony, there’s “another side to the story” he hopes will be made public soon.


Almost a year ago, the rapper – real name Kiernan Forbes – was shot and killed by hired hitmen in Durban. In 2021, Tembe fell to her death off the tenth floor of a Cape Town hotel.

In the months, AKA faced allegations he was physically and mentally abusive to Tembe. He was also accused of having a hand in her death, a claim he vehemently denied.


Following his death in February 2023, social media users revisited videos of the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

In the clip, a distraught Anele Tembe is seen being comforted by a friend of the rapper, who is nowhere in sight. Sobbing, she says to the friend: “You don’t know what he is doing to me.”

In another damning video, allegedly filmed by AKA, Anele is seen crying on the floor of a hotel room. The room is visibly trashed after an explosive argument between the couple.

AKA is heard saying: “When we go to court, this is what I want people to see.”

In another Twitter post, tweeps revisit a now-viral image of a livid AKA breaking down the door to gain access to a bedroom Anele was allegedly hiding in.

Social media users have revisited various clips and pics of Anele Nelli Tembe in the wake of AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes’s death. Images via Twitter
Another image, allegedly leaked by a member of Nelli’s family in the wake of her death, shows the young woman icing her bruised face, allegedly after an altercation with the rapper.

In an interview with Bar Leader TV a month after her death, AKA admitted his relationship with Anele was “toxic” yet “passionate.”


Speaking on the Bakoe Entertainment podcast, Tony Forbes addressed the viral videos and images of AKA and Anele Tembe.

In it, he seemingly defended his son, claiming there was more than what meets the eye.

He said: “There’s context, so if you look at the video where he breaks down the door, it doesn’t show what happens before or after, so you don’t know what happened. You don’t know why he is breaking down the door. What’s been put out in the public domain is so one-sided, and up until his passing, he refused to speak out about his side”.

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Tony claimed that AKA conceded that Anele “had issues” but did not want to “disrespect her memory.”

He added: “The other side of the story will be told as part of the inquest into Anele’s death.”

Tony then hinted that Anele wasn’t the only one who suffered in silence.

He continued: “There were other incidents. There were pictures of Kiernan with bruisings under his eye. Did that make its way into Sunday World? We did not do that, and Kiernan would not do it himself because he respected Anele after she passed.

“Of course he had faults.[But] its an unfair situation”


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