WATCH: Andile and Tamia Mpisane’s V-Day clip trolled ‘Whose idea was this’


WATCH: Andile and Tamia Mpisane’s V-Day clip trolled ‘Whose idea was this’

‘They have no personality or content outside the cars,’ one person said after watching Andile and Tamia Mpisane’s Valentine’s Day clip.

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South African influencer and chairman of the Royal AM soccer team Andile Mpisane is almost always facing online ridicule. While his lavish lifestyle is the envy of many, he has been called childish and uncouth almost a million times by social media users who believe that he just isn’t as well-put-together as he should be.

The young son of KwaZulu-Natal businesswoman Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize is once again being ridiculed after sharing he and his wife Tamia Mpisane’s Valentine’s Day video online.



Andile Mpisane and his wife Tamia are living a life that most young people their age can only dream of.

Being his wealthy mom’s only son, and the apple of her eye, means he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it.

It would appear, however, that mommy’s money simply can’t buy him respect from social media users who are constantly mocking him over his online posts.

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The most recent post was his and Tamia’s Valentine’s day video. Like many local celebs, the pair decided to create professional content for the romantic day of love.

Instead of a nice night out or a spa visit, the pair got dressed up and into their separate matching G-Wagons and visited a petrol station where they shared a kiss.

Take a look below:


According to many of those who watched the video, Andile not only embarrassed himself but also his wife Tamia Mpisane with whom he shares two little girls, Miaandy and Messiah.

Many of them wondered whether the video was his idea or hers.

“They have no personality or content outside the cars,” one guy wrote. Another person added:

“I was still waiting for them to end up at a swanky restaurant. I’m thinking there’s a part two angeke”



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