[Watch] Annie Mthembu allegedly can’t afford the ‘RHOD’ lifestyle


[Watch] Annie Mthembu allegedly can’t afford the ‘RHOD’ lifestyle

Kgolo ‘Da Guru’ Mthembu says that financial issues is the reason why his wife, Annie Mthembu, quit ‘’RHOD’.

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Annie Mthembu, who used to shine on Real Housewives of Durban, won’t be making a comeback for the new season on Showmax. Though she shared on her Instagram that it was due to some mental health issues, recent events propose a quite different reason.


“I had to sit this season out because I needed a mental health break, some time for reflection and also to focus on my businesses which have been growing in the background and this time around needed me to be more present to assist with their growth,” she announced.


There seems to be more to this story, though, because according to Sunday World it seems life has taken a tough turn for Annie and her husband Kgolo Da Guru. The publication reported that they hit rock bottom due to serious money troubles, especially following a major theft which happened at Da Guru’s club in Durban.

In his interview with Sunday World, Da Guru set the record straight amid allegations of not paying staff and artists. He shared his frustration, mentioning how he had supported his late manager’s kids but now felt unfairly targeted.

The financial mess didn’t spare DJ Wobbly, a relative of Da Guru, who vented on social media about non-payment. Despite the chaos, Da Guru looks determined to bounce back as he promised a full swing operation for all his nightclubs before Easter weekend.



About the major theft stated earlier, Da Guru opened up about a hefty R750,000 theft from his club during the busy weekend of Durban July.

“Last year my club was robbed of R750 000 and I asked my employees questions about how this happened, only to learn later that one of them or a group of them came in the club with a speed point from another business and swapped it with my club’s speed point and stole money. It has been happening since the busy weekend of Durban July. It’s heart-breaking what happened to my businesses,” he said to Sunday World.

He blamed it on jealousy and envy from his employees and vowed to overcome the setbacks.

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Amidst all this drama, Annie steps away from the glitzy Real Housewives scene to shift her focus to other pressing business matters. Their once-glamorous lifestyle now takes a backseat as the couple plans to rebuild and come back stronger than before.


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