WATCH: Babes Wodumo & her dangerous dancers involved in a fight with a costume designer after no pay


WATCH: Babes Wodumo & her dangerous dancers involved in a fight with a costume designer after no pay

A clip of popular Mzansi singer, and dancer Babes Wodumo has gone viral after she was seen confronting a costume designer as seen in a post shared by MaphephaNdaba on Wednesday, 13 March.

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According to the gossip blog, a costume designer who owns SK’Dee Designs shared that on 28 February this year, Babes Wodumo’s dancers, Smiso Zulu and Sanele Smallz hired a few costumes from her store as they were booked to perform at the IFP Manifesto in Hammersdale.

They had allegedly hoped the outfits would be free. However, after some persistence, the designer allowed them to walk out of the store after having paid R150.


“They took 2x NIX MAPHA t-shirts, 2x UZONGENZANI UNGYEKE IZOLO caps, and 2x FROZEN STORE Chains,” the designer was quoted as saying. “They did not have money, even that amount wasn’t enough,” the designer was quoted as saying.

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It’s said that the agreement was for the dancers to bring back the borrowed items the next day, however, they did not. “They have been wearing my items ever since, knowing very well they did not pay for them,” the designer was quoted as saying.

The designer also added that she has been asking Babes Wodumo’s dancers to return her clothes for the past two weeks, but they keep giving her the runaround.

“I had told them they would owe me R550 in total if they wanted the items. However, only after they bring them back to the store and I will release them once they are paid for,” the designer reportedly added.




After seeing Babes Wodumo confronting the costume designer in the cringe video above, social media users could not understand why the Wololo hitmaker could not just pay off her dancer’s debt.

During an interview on Podcast and Chill with Mac G in 2021, Babes Wodumo opened up about the million she blew at the height of her career. She also admitted that she was full of herself at the time.

The Gqom star revealed that she used to charge R150,000 for each gig and could make up to R1 million in a weekend if she did eight gigs. However, in recent months, Babes Wodumo has rubbed some event promoters the wrong way with her pulling no-shows.

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A fed-up Estradini Lifestyle manager confirmed last year that he booked the Durban star for R18 000, ZiMoja reported. She was supposed to perform at three of his establishments however she allegedly didn’t show up.

“We are indeed disappointed by the unacceptable behaviour of this artist… It is now becoming a habit for Babes Wodumo not to pitch in events… It is very risky to book Babes Wodumo these days,” the promoter was quoted as saying.


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