WATCH: Cassper Nyovest fuels wedding rumours on Instagram


WATCH: Cassper Nyovest fuels wedding rumours on Instagram

“I can entertain the whole day just for food and drinks’: Makhadzi offered to sing for food after Cassper Nyovest sparked wedding rumours.

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South African musician Cassper Nyovest fueled wedding rumours by speaking about invitations on 16 March.

Cassper had been making headlines with his love life and even trended in the past few days. Rumour mill had it that he had paid lobola for his girlfriend, but he has yet to confirm or deny it.


The celebrity blog Maphepha Ndaba reported that Nyovest would marry Pulane Mojaki. With rumours hitting the social streets, Cassper left many celebrities talking after dropping fuel into the fire.

Among them was Nomsa Madida, who claimed to know the venue of Cassper’s wedding.

“We have the address even; we’re getting ready as we speak 🗣️ 🥳,” Nomsa said.


On his Instagram, Cassper shared a story about uninvited people at a wedding. This post came when rumours had been circulating about him getting married, and fans concluded that he was preparing for a wedding.

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Responses from several celebrities also showed that they were expecting something like a wedding from him. Even after Nomsa Madida, Casper Nyovest added more fuel by saying, ” Let’s go, ” and fans liked his reply.

“@nomsamadida, let’s gooooo !!! Shapa steep !!” he said, responding to Nomsa.

He also spoke about the wedding, leaving most fans who saw the post believing that he was planning for one.


After Cassper Nyovest fueled wedding rumours on Instagram, several celebrities responded with some offering services.

@Makhadzi “Nna, I am that girl who just runs to any home where there’s music and dance for food. I can entertain the whole day just for food and drinks 😂😂. I don’t need an invitation. You will just see me on a dance floor 😂😂”

@Makgotso Theresia “Bare the date has changed to 6 April 😅… allegedly 😌”

@Chantal Wagner “lol 😂 they must focus on other things like their marriage 😂😂”


Before fueling wedding rumours, Cassper Nyovest proudly spoke of how much he gave his life to God. He even detailed that his evil life ruined his past relationships and vowed to have changed.

“I created a serious mess. I hurt my baby mama so much. We broke up, and I have been single for two years… God was showing me that I was destroying myself with sexual relationships. You’re having difficulties with women because you only see one thing.” he said.

“I was addicted to sex and sexual immorality in general, I had such a big ego and thought I was better than everyone else. I was humble in that I was a good person and didn’t offend anyone, I was headed straight for hell if I didn’t have that wake-up,” he continued.


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