WATCH: Denise Zimba Reportedly Separated From Hubby Jakob Schlichtig, SA Weighs in: “White Boys Are Tired”


WATCH: Denise Zimba Reportedly Separated From Hubby Jakob Schlichtig, SA Weighs in: “White Boys Are Tired”

Denise Zimba is said to have separated from her husband and father of her children, Jakob Schlichtig

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According to reports, Denise posted that she was a single parent and sparked a debate on interracial dating

Mzansi questioned the cause of Denise and Jakob’s separation, while others were stunned by how much the couple look alike


Denise Zimba and her husband, Jakob Schlichtig, have reportedly called it quits. The mother of two is said to have candidly revealed on social media that she is a now single parent.

Denise Zimba reportedly announces separation from husband

Arg man, it’s been revealed that our girl Denise Zimba and her husband and father of her kids, Jakob Schlichtig, have separated.

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This comes months after the couple welcomed their second baby, Mila, in mid-2023 and were seen as a picture-perfect couple.

Twitter (X) user MDN News revealed that Denise shared an Instagram story casually announcing her separation from her husband of one year:

“I had such a good time with my girls in the sun today. Still getting the hang of single parenting; just us three.”

Mzansi weighs in on Denise and hubby’s alleged separation

Netizens scrutinised Denise’s marriage, convinced that interracial relationships and marriages don’t last:

Kgapa_II said:

“It’s not about men or the race anymore; it’s just South African women.”

lavidaNOTA wrote:

“White boys are tired of being a retirement home for the baddies. One by one, they’re all coming to their senses!” _Kratos_Rage_ posted:

“A lot of these black South African women married to white men are getting divorced.”

SdizoRSA responded:

“Black girls are divorcing with these white guys. I guess we can all conclude that black guys are not the problem.”

Meanwhile, some netizens pointed out the couple’s uncanny resemblance:

paballo_patsa was convinced:

“It’s true that a couple ends up looking like each other.”

Sphe____ said:

“These people can’t separate when they already look like twins.” Shes_fair asked:

“What’s this thing about couples looking alike?”

certified_8er wrote:

“That time, I thought they were made for each other. Look how much they look alike.”

Denise Zimba stuns at Showmax event

In an earlier report, Briefly News shared online reactions to Denise Zimba’s hosting gig at the launch of the new Showmax app.

The former V-Entertainment presenter looked stunning and left fans wanting more screen time for her.


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