WATCH: Derick Hougaard is reportedly in a psychiatric hospital


WATCH: Derick Hougaard is reportedly in a psychiatric hospital

Things are not looking good for fan-favourite, retired Springbok player Derick Hougaard, who is reportedly hospitalised.

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Former Springbok flyhalf Derick Hougaard has reportedly been in a psychiatric hospital in the East Rand for two weeks now.


The Citizen reports Derick Hougaard has moved out of Louis Liebenberg’s Bronkhortsbaai home to a private psychiatric facility.


The rugby legend is reportedly receiving treatment for his pill addiction and has had extensive tests to determine if there’s any damage to his brain.

The publication reported in February that Liebenberg hired a bodyguard to protect the rugby legend from himself.

Liebenberg said Hougaard was constantly looking for ways to feed his pill addiction and that “we will be picking up a dead Hougaard” if he is not watched.

2Oceans also previously revealed that Liebenberg said the rugby star was in a rehab centre in Stellenbosch for three months where he received help.

“From there he flew back to Gauteng and apparently immediately went to a pharmacy where he got pills again,” adds the publication.

Liebenberg added that the rugby star was living with him to get his life back and he was being looked after physically.



Derick Hougaard’s ex-wife Karlien van Jaarsveld claimed in a 2018 that their twin boys had gone “missing” whilst in his custody.

She said in a Facebook post at the time that Derick may only supervise the children according to the court order because of his pill and alcohol addiction.

Because of the life of her children, he’s been at risk several times.

“He has been in and out of rehabilitation centers several times. I was terrified of concern because I feared for the safety of my children” at the stadium.”

Nuusflits reported on Sunday, 18 February that singer Nadine Hoffeldt allegedly broke up with Derick Hougaard because he was “dependent” on her.

Although Hoffeldt didn’t mention Hougaard’s name on her Facebook on Sunday, 18 February, her fans predicted she was referring to him.

The singer also hinted she didn’t get a phone call regarding the latest reports about her reported breakup.

“Some Sundays you drive around traffic lights where you can buy printed media. I didn’t get a call. I was not asked. I just stop next to an aunt and then read along.”

“The hole in one’s heart is meant for soft eyes. Shared hurt is not less hurt. and your heart feels what it feels,” she said.


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