WATCH: DJ Zinhle’s teenage baby hair leaves Mzansi in shock


WATCH: DJ Zinhle’s teenage baby hair leaves Mzansi in shock

DJ Zinhle is a South African artist who is always praised for her attractiveness, youthful appearance, and talent. She has, however, had a few misses, and South Africans never miss an opportunity to mock her for it. The reality actress was mocked for her edges — or baby hair

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Many others thought the edges were too much, especially because she also had a septum piercing.DJ Zinhle is well-known for her good beauty, style, financial acumen, and kick-mothering abilities.

DJ Zinhle is one of South Africa’s most-loved female DJs and that’s despite the initial criticisms that followed her getting married to Murdah Bonz, a man she is younger than. The two have remained committed to each other, with Mutdah Bongz boasting that he is blessed to have her.The well-known DJ jockey has amassed millions of followers over the years and is still developing as an artist.She is continually improving herself as a musician, mother, and influencer.


Sometimes, however, she does miss and social media users are quick to point that out. The musician found herself getting trolled for one thing or another.

This time it was her edge (baby hair). Following current trends, the musician rocked “baby hairs” on her forehead, which, according to some trolls, were a little too big.

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Many jokes regarding her edges were shared in the comments section by X users. Some joked that because of their size, they could no longer be called baby hairs.

A whole teenager on the forehead….it’s definitely not baby hair🤣🤣🤣

I laughed so much when I saw this, I know this was her idea ke shame. Love her still

Ufuna sithini ngabe uthi congrats to partnership yakhe ne Remi, sizothi 🥳🥳🥳🥳 🎉 🎉🎉 mina ke…

Zinhle le yena o mova o nkare a na zaka! 🥴😔

IN THIS ISSUE: DJ Zinhle gushes over Murdah Bongz

Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle, a power couple from South Africa, have recently left fans in awe at how supportive they are of one another.

Heading online this week, Zinhle gushed over Murdah in a lengthy video.In the clip, she shared how she decided to sleep in his dark room because she misses him and it smells like him. She then goes on to discuss dating people who are out of your league and how Murdah is an amazing musician.

She also shared how he is such a likeable person who is thoughtful, kind, gentle, and stylish. The DJ marvelled over the fact that he was so perfect and still loved her so much — despite her imperfections.

“This guy is just too much for me,” she says as she asks her followers if they ever liked or dated someone they thought was out of their league.


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