WATCH: Driver of the bus that killed 45 people exposed

killing 45 people. 8-year-old child is only survivor


WATCH: Driver of the bus that killed 45 people exposed

Following the tragic bus crash on the R518 in Limpopo that resulted in the loss of 45 lives, investigations are now underway involving Interpol and the South African Police Service (SAPS) to determine the cause of the horrific accident.

Bus carrying Easter worshipers plunges off bridge killing 45 people in South Africa
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Initial reports indicate that the bus, which was traveling from Molepolole in Botswana to Moria in Limpopo for the Easter pilgrimage, veered off course and plunged approximately 100 meters down the Mmamatlakala Pass bridge along the R518. It is believed that the driver missed a turn-off after passing through the Groblersberg border post, leading the bus onto the treacherous R518 Mmamatlakala Pass.

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The Mmamatlakala Pass is known for its hazardous conditions, featuring 26 corners and a sharp hairpin turn of 160 degrees, coupled with a long bridge at its apex. Despite its scenic beauty, the pass poses significant risks to motorists, with a history of accidents and fatalities.

Among the passengers onboard the ill-fated bus were 46 pilgrims traveling to Moria for the annual ZCC Easter pilgrimage. Tragically, only an eight-year-old girl survived the crash after being flung from the bus before it careened through the barriers and into flames.

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The girl, initially admitted to Masebe Hospital before being transferred to Mokopane Hospital, is said to be recovering well despite the trauma she endured.

Family members of the deceased pilgrims gathered at Mokopane Hospital, where government officials from Botswana and South Africa convened to address the aftermath of the tragedy. While the girl’s condition offers a glimmer of hope amidst the devastation, families face the arduous task of identifying and performing funeral rites for their loved ones.

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Rescue teams have recovered the remains of some victims, although the identification process remains complex. Out of 34 body bags retrieved, only nine bodies have been identified thus far, underscoring the challenges faced by authorities in the aftermath of the crash.

As investigations progress, questions linger regarding the bus company, the driver’s experience, and the circumstances leading to the accident. The ZCC, which organized the pilgrimage, holds vital information about the passengers onboard, facilitating the identification process.

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With the support of Interpol and collaborative efforts between South Africa and Botswana, authorities are working diligently to unravel the events surrounding the tragedy. While grief and shock permeate both nations, the pursuit of justice and accountability remains paramount as the affected communities grapple with the profound loss of their loved ones.

In recent developments, the identity of the bus driver involved in the tragic accident has been revealed through TikTok videos circulating online. These videos provide glimpses into the personal life of the driver, portraying him as a devoted family man. Many of the TikTok videos depict moments from his life, showcasing his role as a husband and father.

Among the poignant scenes captured in the videos is the celebration of his recent wedding, underscoring the joyous moments he shared with his loved ones before the devastating accident. As the videos circulate on social media platforms, they offer a bittersweet reminder of the driver’s humanity and the profound loss experienced by his family and community.

South Africa Bus
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Heartfelt messages expressing grief and longing for the driver have flooded social media, particularly from his wife, who mourns his untimely demise. The videos serve as a tribute to his memory, highlighting the impact of his loss on those closest to him.

As authorities continue their investigations into the cause of the accident, the personal stories and tributes shared online add a layer of complexity to the tragedy, underscoring the human toll of the devastating crash. Amidst the grief and sorrow, the TikTok videos stand as a testament to the enduring love and remembrance of the bus driver, whose life was tragically cut short on that fateful day.

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