WATCH: Duncan SA teases Penny Ntuli with offer amid Gagasi FM pay saga


WATCH: Duncan SA teases Penny Ntuli with offer amid Gagasi FM pay saga

Hip-hop artist Duncan SA added a dash of humour to the discussion following Penny Ntuli’s honest Facebook post about leaving Gagasi FM.

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In response to Penny Ntuli’s candid Facebook post detailing her departure from Gagasi FM, hip-hop artist Duncan SA injected a touch of humour into the conversation.

Duncan teased Ntuli by playfully suggesting that she needs not to worry about losing her job, as he is in the process of launching his radio station, Skuva FM. In a light-hearted jest, Duncan proposed hiring Ntuli alongside Intaba Yase Dubai for the morning breakfast show.


Duncan clarified his jest, ensuring Ntuli and others understood his remarks’ light-hearted nature, swiftly clarifying his intent. Duncan wished Ntuli success, offering encouragement to stay resilient amidst change in his message.

“Unga worry ma peniza ngizovula iSKUVA NATION FM ngizokuqasha ushaye no NTABA YASE DUBAI ibreakfastShow😅🤞🏾 Ngyadlala sis wam kuzolunga ungapheli umoya 🙏 ukuvaleka kweminye imnyango ukuvuleka kweminye ❤️🙏“

Duncan SA


Penny Ntuli, a former radio presenter at Gagasi FM, took to her social media to address rumors about her departure and shed light on her reasons for leaving. She elaborated on the circumstances leading to this decision, citing an offer of a significantly lower salary than expected.

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Renewal offered lower salary (R2,800 per month), inadequate to support herself and her family, prompting her departure decision. Despite her love for broadcasting and the station itself, Ntuli felt undervalued and disheartened by the proposed remuneration.


In a video, Ntuli indicated that despite efforts to negotiate a reasonable salary with her manager, the discussions were unsuccessful. She said that this proposition had a huge impact on her confidence. She declined contract renewal due to feeling undervalued, not for better prospects or lack of love for her work.

Ntuli further highlights a lack of recognition for her positive contributions, stating that past achievements rarely received coverage in the media.


Despite her departure, Ntuli expressed gratitude to Gagasi FM for the opportunities she had been afforded during her time there. She said her departure opened up a space for aspiring presenters who are eager to make their mark in the commercial radio industry, and she encouraged them to seize the opportunity.


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