Watch: Fans remember AKA a year after his death


Watch: Fans remember AKA a year after his death

Although a year after the death of renowned rapper Kiernan Forbes “AKA”, fans still haven’t forgotten him.

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The country commemorated his life on Saturday, 10 February as some fans went to visit his grave at Westpark Cemetery in Joburg.


Many fans showed up while the hashtag #RIPAKA trended on social media platforms such as Facebook and X (Twitter).

AKA was gunned down on Friday, 10 February 2023 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Fans who visited his grave told the publication they were not impressed that cops haven’t had any progress since he was killed.

Masego Modisane (27) visited the grave with her cousins and they took a selfie on the rapper’s grave.

“Knowing the justice system in this country, we knew nothing was going to be done. Especially after hearing stories and conspiracy theories going around that people of a higher status were involved.

“So, we definitely knew by then that justice wouldn’t be served. But we actually know that things will change because AKA had a lot of fans and we will push that justice be served,” she said.

Another fan, Hlatse Baby (37) said she was disappointed in the cops.

“AKA was so young, he had a lot of things to look forward to. Unfortunately, his life was cut short. I was a huge fan of his music. My favourite song by him was 10 Fingers featuring Anatii.

“It’s been a year since he was killed, we haven’t heard anything substantial about the case. The justice system is nonsense,” she said.

Another fan, Cabral Nkondo (41) remembered the day he found out the rapper had died.

Fans remember AKA a year after his death

“I remember it was Saturday morning and I was scrolling through social media and I saw people posting his pictures. That’s when I found out. Later that morning, I saw a confirmation on TV that Supa Mega passed away. It took me by surprise because you don’t expect a celebrity like that to be taken out in that manner.

“Fow now, what we can say is long live Supa Mega, long live! We send respect and blessings to his family. I hope they are together on this day and they are also able to remember his legacy,” he said.

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Raefer Booysen (25) who was a die-hard fan said AKA’s death brought him to tears.

“People started posting his pictures on WhatsApp and I teared up because I’ve always loved him from high school. On my matric blazer, I actually had ‘Supa Mega’ written, so I was a huge fan,” he said.

KZN police spokesman, Colonel Robert Netshiunda told the publication on Friday, 9 February that the matter was still under investigation.

“At the moment, we’re not giving any updates regarding the AKA murder case because it is still under investigation. Please give us time to investigate and when we have something, we’ll communicate,” he said.

-daily sun


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